13 Holiday Tops That Are Perfect For Parties & Easy To Breastfeed In

by Lindsay E. Mack

For many people, the holidays are a time to gather with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintances for plenty of parties. But how is a new mom supposed to dress for these gatherings and still care for the baby? You need holiday tops you can breastfeed in to restore your faith in fashion for new moms, and luckily, there are plenty. Seriously: some of these tops are so cute, people who don't even need easy boob access will want to wear them.

Granted, this may be a more low-key holiday celebration, especially if you just had the baby. Hopefully no one is expecting you to host a formal dinner for a dozen people or anything. But even with all the new-baby adjustments, it's so healthy to socialize during the holiday season. Participating in holiday traditions has been shown to increase a person's sense of happiness and wellbeing, according to the International Journal of Social Psychology. Meeting up with old friends and family is a great way to socialize, boost your mood, and of course introduce the new baby to everyone.

One thing you won't have to stress about is what to wear to these gatherings. New mom nursing fashion is on point. With details like lace, layers, and fabric with a metallic sheen, these nursing tops are modern and stylish. Plus, they all make use of clever layering or strategically placed panels to make your breastfeeding needs easier. Available in a variety of styles and hues, from cranberry red to brilliant blue, there's a holiday top for everyone's style.


Green Lace Top

nursing lace top, $60, ASOS

With its deep green color, this top is perfect for any holiday gathering. Plus, the nursing lace top has a double layer design, making nursing the baby easy. And just check out that gorgeous lace fabric — it's perfect.


Drapey Red Cardigan

Maternity/nursing cardigan, $57, Nordstrom

If you want a little drama with your holiday ensembles, this top has you covered. The maternity/nursing cardigan features a brilliant red hue and a trendy high-low hem. Who knew cozy clothes could make such a statement?


Green Pleated Flowy Nursing Top

Pleated flowy nursing top, $36, Milk Nursingwear

With its festive green hue, this top is the portrait of holiday perfection. Plus, the pleated flowy nursing top allows you to breastfeed with ease. Basically, it's a top for all occasions.


Blue Double Layer Nursing Top

Blue Double Layer Nursing Top, $65, Seraphine

This pretty blouse is basically a nursing top in disguise. The blue double layer nursing top just looks like a trendy layered blouse. No one would guess it's really made for easily feeding the baby.


Maternity Crossover Nursing Top

maternity crossover nursing top, $35, Gap

Worn under a jacket or open cardigan, this top looks like any cute layering piece. But the maternity crossover nursing top also makes breastfeeding super easy. Simple to dress up or down, it can become an essential part of your holiday wardrobe.


Red Scoop Neck Nursing Top

sleek nursing top, $38, Milk Nursingwear

With cap sleeves and a scoop neck, this top looks cute and modern. But the sleek nursing top is also super functional. The easy-access top layer lets you feed your baby in no time.


Dotted Nursing Blouse

dotted nursing blouse, $40, H&M

If simple prints are your jam, then this top is perfect. The dotted nursing blouse also has a hidden layer for nursing purposes. It's the perfect way to stay warm and stylish while caring for your little one.


Embellished Metallic Wrap Top

embellished metallic wrap top, $56, ASOS

How rad is this top? The embellished metallic wrap top adds a little attitude to your holiday wardrobe. Oh, and the top layer can easily be undone for nursing.


Red Pullover Wrap

pullover wrap nursing top, $40, Motherhood Maternity

If you like simple, drapey looks for the holiday season, then this shirt is a great option. The pullover wrap nursing top is cheery and comfortable. Plus, the red will match most any holiday look.


Sleeveless Nursing Tunic

sleeveless nursing tunic, $15, Target

If you need a sleek, simple layering top (or you live in a climate with warm winters), this tunic fits the bill. The sleeveless nursing tunic is pretty on its own, and it would look lovely when paired with a chunky knit scarf and warm jacket. It comes in a variety of colors if black isn't your jam.


Red Mock Layer Nursing Top

Mock Layer Nursing Top, $30, Motherhood

This top's gorgeous floral pattern gives off strong holiday vibes. The mock layer nursing top has a lift up double opening to make nursing easy. Plus, its deep red color will work with a variety of styles all season.


High Neck Nursing Top

high neck nursing top, $40, ASOS

Nursing tops can be hella glam. Case in point: this high neck nursing top. Its brilliant blue color and super cool neckline make it pretty, and there's a hidden side opening to make nursing simple.


Red Empire Top

ruched empire nursing top, $48, Nordstrom

Comfort, style, and the ability to give your baby dinner all come together in this top. The ruched empire nursing top would pair perfectly with jeans, slacks, or a long skirt. Basically, it's everything a nursing mom could want for holiday fashion.

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