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13 Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix If You Need A Halloween Scare

If you're not into the whole costume thing, Halloween might seem like a holiday that's just for children. But when the trick-or-treating is done and all of your little monsters are safe in their beds, there's something fun in it for the grown-ups too. Like curling up on the couch and watching your favorite horror movie with someone who doesn't mind you grabbing their arm and squealing every five minutes. If you don't have a favorite film, don't worry. You just need this list of horror movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween night.

Gone are the days of standing in line at Blockbuster to get a copy of your favorite scary movie. Now you can stream as many horror films as your heart can take without having to leave your couch. Whether you're into the creepy classics like The Exorcist and Child's Play or some of the more modern films like The Babadook or Dark Skies, Netflix has a variety of indie and cult favorites that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat on Halloween night. And if you'd rather laugh than scream, you'll love Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

This Halloween, cuddle up with your boo and watch one of these scary movies. And be sure to sleep with one eye open.



In Hellraiser, Frank brings home a souvenir box from a trip that unleashes demons who tear him apart. When Frank's brother and his wife move into his old home, they stumble on the box and accidentally begin to bring him back to life.



If you were too young or too afraid to watch Scream when it was a box office hit in 1996, you can catch it on Netflix this Halloween. Ghostface, a mysterious serial killer makes some pretty disturbing prank calls to a group of teens. Neve Campbell, Rose McGowan, and Drew Barrymore help make up the all-star cast of this Wes Craven classic.


'The Fly'

The Fly is an '80s thriller starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. Goldblum plays a scientist who tests one of his experiments on himself. As a result, he turns himself into a man/fly hybrid. You can only imagine what Davis' character thinks when she sees her boyfriend as a creepy looking insect.


'The Babadook'

In The Babadook, a mom tries to help her young son who has visions of a monster that he thinks is coming to kill them. Probably not the best film to watch if you scare easily.



Cujo is a classic horror film based on an equally spooky novel by Stephen King. In the film, a family's beloved St. Bernard turns violent when he contracts rabies. The once friendly dog then wreaks havoc on a small town.


'From Dusk Till Dawn'

In From Dusk Till Dawn, George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino play bank robbing brothers who hide in a Mexican bar while on the run from the police. They soon discover that the bar is also a hangout for a gang of vampires. If the plot doesn't make you want to watch this film, you're definitely going to want to see George Clooney with a neck tattoo.



You may not want to go into the water after watching Jaws, a Steven Spielberg horror classic. Fishermen take over a small town to hunt and capture a great white shark that is terrorizing the local residents.


'Dark Skies'

Suburban families are never safe in horror films, and Dark Skies is no exception. In the movie, Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton try to protect their family from an alien disguised as a human who is haunting them.


'Child's Play'

In Child's Play, a mom buys a popular toy doll for her son. But just like every horror movie plot, there's more than meets the eye. This toy has been haunted by the soul of a serial killer and is out to do some serious damage.


'Scream 2'

Spoiler alert: Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox live in the first Scream film. But they're back in Scream 2, where they try to catch a copycat serial killer before it's too late.


'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers'

In Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a small town has been taken over by impostors of its residents. As the people sleep, they are being replaced by identical versions of themselves who have no human emotions. After watching this film, you really may not want to go to sleep.


'The Exorcist'

After playing with a Ouija board, a young girl begins doing some really weird things in The Exorcist. Believing the girl has been possessed by the devil, her mother thinks an exorcism is the only thing that can bring her back to normal.


'Tucker And Dale Vs Evil'

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is part horror film, part comedy. A pair of friends visit their mountain cabin for vacation. Everything is fine until a group of kids mistake them for a pair of serial killing hillbillies.