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13 Interesting Sex Positions Even The Experienced Have Never Tried Before

When it comes to sex, if you don't end up a little sore, bruised or walking with a limp, you're just not doing it right. Totally kidding, people. But, for those people who like to push boundaries in the bedroom, interesting sex positions even the experienced have never tried before can be a fun and fearless way to experiment in bed.

To add a little variety to your routine, you might want to warm up with a hot yoga class so that you're nice and limber. In fact, a lot of asanas you practice in yoga will prep you for positions on this list. How's that for incentive to actually use that Class Pass you downloaded?

Although great sex is about intimacy, not acrobatics, it's also key to keep sex interesting and fresh, especially if you've been with your partner for a while. Trying out new positions, even for people who have a lot of humping under their belt, can be a way to bring people closer, suggested the same article. As someone who has tried one or two of these positions and ended up injuring myself in a minor way, the debacle also brought me closer to my partner. Because when it comes to sex, sure, it's cool to say you've mastered the Kama Sutra, but don't you also crave human connection? If you're looking to pursue the former, peruse these interesting sex positions, and trust me, the latter will follow.



Women's Health suggested Spork, where you stay flat on your back while your man positions his body at a right degree angle in between your legs. It's like spooning, except a lot more, er, penetrative. And your guy is calling the shots on this one, so be ready to get submissive.


Pile Driver

This position, thought up by AskMen, requires a lot of female flexibility. And you've got to be OK with the feeling of domination. Because you're not going to have much physical control once in the Pile Driver, which is ideal for when you want to submit in bed. Roll onto your shoulders, like you're doing a shoulder stand. Your toes are touching the surface of the bed, (or floor) behind your head. He then penetrates you from a standing position.


Snow Angel

Women's Health offered up advice on how to melt away into fervent passion called the Snow Angel. It's like an upside-down, twisted version of missionary, with your man holding you by your hips, so your privates line up. Face forward, your hands will touch the ground for support, and you can wrap your legs around his butt to help control the thrusts.



Men's Fitness came up with a position not intended for the faint of heart. In the Crisscross, you're on your back and your dude is on his side. Drape your legs around his chest so your privates line up and your body forms an "X." Now, work those quads, ladies. Tell your man to rub your clit, or take care of business yourself and you'll finish with a big O.


The Viennese Oyster

AskMen suggested the woman place both ankles behind your head exposing your vulva. Your dude enters your, er, Viennese Oyster deeply. Giving up control, allow your man to pin your ankles back.


Love Triangle

The Love Triangle involves contortion and crouching. According to Cosmopolitan, this position is great for deep thrusting. Lie on your back and raise your left leg into the air. Stretch your right leg out so that it forms a right angle. With your right hand grab your right knee so that it forms a triangle on the bed with your right arm and leg. Your man should crouch at the bottom of the bed and enter you from there.


The Pretzel

Did you know pretzeling is an actual verb? Men's Fitness defines it as the sex position where you lie on your left side and your man straddles you with his left leg. Then you bend your right leg around your waist. Now begin rocking, and you're pretzeling.


Butter Churner

The Butter Churner is like the Pile Driver, with some modifications. According to Women's Health, you lie on your back and lift your legs above your head, resting on your shoulders for support. However, your legs remain up in the air while he penetrates you deeply. If you can manage, it, gyrate your hips for added pleasure.


Snake Charmer

Ready for some wild sex? Good. Now, ask your man to position himself in a headstand, recommended AskMen. You will now give him a blow job on your knees. The rush of blood from the headstand and his erection will give him a super intense orgasm, and he'll be worshipping you like the queen you are.


The X-Rated

Cosmopolitan called this position The X-Rated because you and your partner are making an "X" with your bodies, not unlike the Crisscross, but, a little less complicated. Now for the details. It's kind of like 69, but you're lining up your privates and lying flat as your partner does the same. I guess "X" marks the spot.


The Amazon

Marie Claire UK combed the Kama Sutra and reported on some of the wildest and most enjoyable positions for women. The Amazon requires your man curl up in a ball, with his knees to his chest. He then will stick his penis out from between his legs (I know it sounds weird, but if he's willing... you're calling the shots in this one). Like Madonna demonstrates above, undulate your body over his so that you're riding him like an Amazon warrior.


Passion Propeller

For the truly coordinated, the Passion Propeller starts out in missionary. But then, Cosmopolitan suggested, your agile man propels his body so that it does a 360-degree spin, all while keeping his penis inside you. You can help guide his motion, taking care to lift his legs as they soar above your head.


The Hero

Another one of Marie Claire UK's finds from the Kama Sutra, The Hero is ideal for women into BDSM and G-spot stimulation. Lie on your back with your knees to your chest. As he enters you, raise your ankles to your ears. Have your man tie your ankles to the bed post to keep them in position, which is not only kinky, but prevents you from getting a nasty leg cramp.