13 Interesting, Subtle Mistakes That Cause Your Partner To Distance Themselves From You

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Being in a relationship can be just as difficult as it is easy. Though love claims to be something that doesn't cause pain, it definitely can shake your emotions up a bit. The worst part about pain caused from a relationship is the type that comes unexpectedly. Sometimes, it's caused through your partner's negligence and other times, by you pushing your partner away. That's why becoming aware of the interesting, subtle mistakes that cause your partner to distance themselves from you can help save your relationship.

Whether you've been with your significant other for years, weeks, or months, there are things that you should pay attention to when it comes their happiness. Although everyone thinks they do a good job at keeping their mate happy, there's always a sign that they give when they're not as happy as they once were. Even if the signs are subtle, your intuition will most likely give you a feeling that something just isn't right between the two of you.

So, if you're interested in seeing what type of mistakes you could be making that could be causing a rift between you and your significant other, take a look at these 13 interesting — and subtle — things that could help you keep your love in tact.


You've Beome The One To Give The Most

She Knows noted that if you've become the one to give the most, you could be pushing your partner away. Though women are naturally nurturers, if you're giving way too much, you've become more like their mother in the relationship.


You're Spending Too Much Time With Them

According to Thought Catalog, not having your own life can cause distance between you and your partner. Over investing in someone too soon takes away your power and makes you look too dependent.


You Need To Be Reassured Too Often

The Bolde noted that if you're looking to be reassured too often, your significant other will become distant. No one wants to always have to let their lover know how great, important, or special they are. It may be OK at first, but after time goes on, it will become redundant and exhausting.


You Never Apologize

Bustle noted that not apologizing can cause distance, pushing your partner away. Even if it's something as small as forgetting to wash a dish, letting your partner know that you see where you were wrong will let them know that you really do care.


You're Sharing Too Much Too Early

According to She Knows, sharing too much, too early can cause distance. Though you want to be open with our significant other, sharing too much of your painful past could make them think that you're coming in with a lot of baggage.


You Break Your Promises

If there's one thing that I know can push me away from someone, it's them breaking their promises. Forgetting something once or twice isn't that big of a deal, but if it becomes a consistent thing, then it's now known as apart of your characteristics.


You're Way Too Serious

According to eHarmony, being too serious can push your partner away because being too stiff or standoffish is a major turnoff.


You Think Too Negatively

Thinking too negatively can cause distance, Thought Catalog noted. Always forming negative statements in an attempt to get the response you're looking for can be seen as a manipulative way to get what you want.


You Talk Too Much About You

One of the worst things a man can do is make everything in a conversation revert back to himself. Not only is that self-centered, but it's also annoying to sit through a conversation about you.


You Involve Others In Your Relationship

Life Hack noted that when you put others in your relationship, you run the risk of creating distance between the two of you. Whether it's your family or your friends, try to keep them out of what happens between you and your significant other.


You Let Yourself Go

When you get into a relationship, it's easy to get super comfortable with your mate. However, if you tend to let yourself go, it could be a major turnoff to them and will cause them to push themselves away from you. Try keeping the dialogue open about what makes you happy about the other person.


You Act Passive Aggressive

Bustle noted that passive aggressive actions push people away. Although communicating with your partner may not be the easiest, it's better to let them know then to be nasty toward them because something is bothering you.


You're Talking About An Ex Too Much

Thought Catalog also noted that talking about an ex too much will surely drive distance between you two. Even if you're not talking about them directly, discussing past relationships in either a good or bad tone can push your lover away.