13 Accurate Memes & Tweets About Kid Birthday Parties

Throwing a birthday party for your kid can be fun. As an adult, it can bring out the kid in you when getting everything together for your little one's big day. As with any event you plan though, putting together a birthday party can become stressful, overwhelming, and just downright frustrating. For anyone whose ever planned a kid's birthday party, hearing stories about them or seeing memes and tweets about kids' birthday parties will instantly take you back to the times of rollercoaster feelings and tiresome days.

To be honest, those tweets and memes never resonated with me until I helped my sister and brother-in-law plan my niece's first birthday party. At first, I thought it would be easy because she was just a baby. After agreeing to help though, I found out how wrong I really was. Between staying on budget and finding enough activities to keep a bunch of kids busy, I was drained before the party even started. As selfish as I may sound, I'm actually pretty grateful that my sister only has one kid right now, because I honestly don't know if I could plan a party more than once a year.

So, if you've ever felt alone when going through the motions of planning a young child's birthday party, these 13 memes and tweets will prove that there are others who understand.


Big Girls Don't Cry

Time to get it together.


Buy It All

Even if they're only turning 2.




Do You Serve Wine?


Suck My Soul

Every single time.


Save Tons Of Money

But lose your sanity.


The Weekends Are Mine


Homemade Invitations


Frosting Diet

She's lucky she even got that.


Getting Grown

The worst part of the party is realizing they're getting older.


Let's Get Married

Sounds about right.


Bragging Rights

Give this mom a trophy.


Balloons Galore

It's really a love-hate relationship.