13 Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas That Will *Not* Disappoint

by Lindsay E. Mack

Father's Day is fast approaching, and if you're anything like me, that means you're on a frantic search for gifts. Hey, sometimes these holidays just sneak up. With that in mind, these last minute Father's Day gifts will help you save face with dear old dad. They still look like you put a whole lot of time and effort into the whole gifting process.

Now, depending on when you read this list and what items you decide to buy, it might be necessary to pay for a little extra shipping to get the goods to your dad in time. (As someone who routinely waits until the last minute to get gifts, I consider this paying the procrastination tax.) But for the most part, these gifts are still available and easy enough to get in time, especially if you're fortunate enough to have Amazon Prime on your side.

Whether your dad is geeky, outdoorsy, practical, or something else entirely, there's a quick gift on this list for him. Hey, everyone can use an extra umbrella or hat, right? Read on to find the perfect gift for your father that will still get here in time for Father's Day 2018 on June 17. It's less than a week away, but you can still make it.


A Classic Dopp Kit


A Novelty Head Rest