13 Last Minute, 4-Star Father's Day Gifts You Can Same-Day Prime

In the chaos of the beginning of summer rush, Father's Day shopping can fall to the wayside. I mean, who has time to spend hours at the mall when the kids are clamoring for a pool day? Lucky for you, there's an abundance of last minute same-day delivery Father's Day gifts to Prime, so you can enjoy time with the kiddos and still get your partner something to make them feel special.

Part of the reason you might have procrastinated your Father's Day shopping is because of how difficult it is to find a present for the dads in your life that they'll actually like. Figuring out a suitable present for a man feels impossible, no matter how many times you wander down the aisles of a sporting goods store or frantically google "gifts guys actually like." Why don't they all want face masks like most women I know? Dry skin is not a gendered issue, people.

Amazon makes the struggle a bit easier though, as they have a whole landing page full of Father's Day gifts that have awesome ratings. Honestly, they'll make you feel silly for not thinking to get it for your partner years ago. Check out 13 options from Amazon that offer same day delivery below, relax, and enjoy the day of dads.