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13 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Couples

Halloween is almost here, and I can bet most people haven't gotten their costumes together yet for the big day. Whether you're a single person or in a relationship, procrastination seems to take over everyone during this specific holiday. If you are in a relationship though, the wait has caused you a double time consequence. Being that most couples choose to wear costumes together, discovering last-minute Halloween costumes for couples may not give you as much anxiety as you think.

Though procrastinating can usually leave you without a costume during Halloween, it can also be a way to give you an idea for the most creative one yet. And, the best part about it is you probably won't run into anyone with the exact same choice as you.

For some people, waiting until the last minute to find a Halloween costume can be a lot of work. But, if you're pretty creative and have done a little digging, your last-minute idea can be what brings the house down at this year's monster mash.

So, whether you and your significant other are always the last to do things or if this is just a one-time situation, never fret. You can still get a good costume for this year's party and these 13 costume ideas can help you get started.


Shaggy & Velma

Solve this year's biggest mystery as Shaggy and Velma. For Shaggy, grab a pair of rust colored pants ($30) and a green t-shirt ($6). For Velma, get an orange turtleneck ($35), burgundy skirt ($15), orange knee high socks ($10) and black glasses ($3).


Barney & Betty Rubble

To get Betty's look down, find a light blue dress ($31), a blue bow ($1), and a black choker ($9). For Barney, all you'll need is an oversize brown t-shirt ($3) and a little creativeness to turn it into his actual smock.


Gomez & Morticia Addams

To become Morticia, find an all black long sleeve maxi dress ($41), straighten your hair and throw on some red lipstick ($5). For Gomez, dig up a pinstripe suit ($100) and throw on a white oxford shirt ($15) with a bow tie ($3).


Mario & Luigi

Take it back to your childhood with this simple and quick Mario Brothers-inspired DIY costume. Just get some blue jean overalls ($45), green and red t-shirts ($6), some red and green hats ($16), and two pairs of white gloves ($7).


Peter & Louis Griffin

Turn you and your honey into the infamous Griffin duo, Peter and Louis. For Louis, grab a pair of khaki pants ($30), an aqua button up shirt ($22), and a pair of red flats ($20). To get Peter's look, get a pair of green pants ($15), a white oxford shirt ($15), and a pair of circle frame glasses ($10).


Peanut Butter & Jelly

Become the perfect match with this DIY PB&J costume. You'll need a purple t-shirt ($7) and a tan t-shirt ($7) topped with some printed out labels for each one.


Ketchup & Mustard

Looking for a simple DIY option? Try being ketchup and mustard for Halloween. Dress in a red dress ($16) and have your spouse throw on a yellow shirt ($3) with a pair of pants. Print out the Heinz ketchup and mustard designs and tape them on the front of your dresses. Don't forget to get a small red and yellow cone ($18) to tie to the top of your heads for the nozzle.


Thing 1 & Thing 2

If you don't want to wear the premade Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts , grab two red t-shirts ($6) print out the Thing 1 and Thing 2 logos, and spray your hair blue ($6).


Big Babies

Turn into the biggest babies around with this DIY costume. Grab a sheet color of your choice ($6), some large safety pins ($4), throw on a small t-shirt ($4) and carry a large baby bottle ($5) around.


Tweedledee & Tweedledum

Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Alice In Wonderland can be your new nicknames this Halloween if you're down for some fun. Find some red pants ($9), yellow socks ($7), blue bow ties ($6), white oxford shirt ($15), yellow sweaters ($30), red propeller hats ($4) and black shoes.


Dora & Diego


Go on a wild adventure this Halloween as Dora and Diego.. To recreate Dora, just pull out a pink shirt ($10), orange shorts ($8), yellow socks ($4), a purple backpack ($9), and white shoes. For Deigo, green shorts ($20), a blue t-shirt ($3), a vest ($30), and hiking boots ($30).


Sandy & Danny

To nail this iconic movie look, you'll need to find some high waist disco pants ($16), black off-the-shoulder top ($11) and red heels ($25) for Sandy. To get Danny's look, you'll need a pair of black jeans ($35) and a black t-shirt ($7)


Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable

Be on the scene in this Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable this Halloween with this DIY costume. For Kim, you'll only need a black long sleeve crop top ($11), and a pair of green cargo pants ($25). And for Ron, you'll need a pair of grey cargo pants ($25) and a black turtleneck ($17).