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13 Potty Training Memes To Get You Through It

If you're a parent going through potty training, chances are you spend a lot of time scrolling through your phone while you wait for your little one to make magic in the toilet. And though tips on the topic could be helpful, chances are you want something that'll make you feel better about the struggles you're facing. Luckily, there are plenty of potty training memes for parents to laugh at and relate to a little too well.

Although potty training comes with a number of joys — no more changing dirty diapers on park benches! — it also comes with a number of stresses. From accidents in the living room to temper tantrums in the bathroom, the challenges are a plenty. Not to mention it's exhausting. I mean, you barely have five quiet minutes to go to the bathroom yourself. So how in the world are you expected to be able to find the time to potty train another human being?

That being said, it'll feel good to know that millions of parents are experiencing the same potty training ebbs and flows (or lack of flows) as you. So, flush away your doubts and relax with these gut-busting potty training memes.


When You're Out In Public And This Happens

Are you kidding me? After all of that hard work.


Ah, The Logic of A Toddler

Only time will tell what will really happen.


Waiting Forever

At least your toddler is persistent.


Just When You Thought It Was Over

The fear, the sudden fear.


Are We There Yet?

Going to the bathroom before leaving the house doesn't apply to this toddler.


Just When You're About To Head Out The Door

It's time to add 20 minutes to your morning routine.


Can't Avoid The Inevitable

It's time for the parent-toddler "guess what I did" stare-down.


When It's Anywhere But The Toilet

Definitely not the news you wanted to hear.


Becoming Familiar With All Things Toilet

It's certainly a different approach to cleaning up a mess.


Please, Please, Just Use The Toilet

You're at that point to bribe your child with just about anything.


Learning To Go On Your Own

What's more enjoyable? Potty training your toddler or dealing with what they do just when you thought your job was over?


On, Not In The Toilet

What are you going to do now?


Curious Baby Has All The Questions

When your toddler just isn't into potty training. What else is there to do?