13 Memes For Brothers & Sisters, Because It's A Bond Like No Other


Siblings share a special bond. No one else knows your family background, traditions, and inside jokes as well as your kin. Oh, and you have the ability to annoy the piss out of one another like no one else. In this spirit, the memes for sisters to share with brothers are sure to bring up some great memories.

This is an appropriate time to share these memes because, according to National Today, National Brothers and Sisters Day falls on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. So, obviously, you'll want to stockpile some funny memes to send your bro throughout the day. After all, your brother needs to remember that he's lucky to have the most amazing, talented, and lovely sister in the world: you.

Whether you got along most of the time, or fought constantly for window seats and television privileges, you and your brother share a unique bond. You can help one another remember childhood memories well into adulthood, and support one another through life's challenges. Chances are, you and your bro have one another's backs no matter what. That's a rare and important relationship to cherish for the rest of your lives. Celebrate this bond with some silly internet pictures, or meet up with your brother for an in-person game of "quit hitting yourself." He deserves it.

4. Offensive Tactic

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5. Countdown

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10. You Don't Know The Truth

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11. It Worked Every Time

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12. I Will Fight You

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13. Playing Fair

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