13 Memorial Day 2017 Memes

When mentioning Memorial Day, many people equate it to having long weekends and spending days at the beach with their family. Though both have become synonymous with the holiday, it's important to remember that the true meaning of Memorial Day is to honor those who died while serving their country. To keep that reminder front and center on the actual day, sharing a few Memorial Day memes would be useful.

Although I can't speak for every single one of my friends, there are many who still don't understand that Memorial Day is more than just an extra day off from work. For me, it's important to remind them of the sacrifices that were made from soldiers so that others could have freedom (and free time come May). Knowing that many of my family members have fought for my freedom, I think that the least I can do is spread knowledge and true awareness on the holiday. For all that they've done for everyone, soldiers who lost their lives in the line of duty deserve nothing less than to be honored and respected.

So, before you send your first message asking for invites to cookouts, be sure to remind your family and friends of the message behind the day. If you need a way to do that, these 13 memes can help.


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Three Day Weekend

Remember the real reason for the holiday.



Remember the difference so that you don't offend anyone.


Day At The Beach

Take a moment to reflect on their sacrifice.


Some Gave All

Memorial Day is the time to honor those who gave for you.


Folded Flags

Pray for those who have lost a loved one.


Because Of The Brave

Remember all those who have served.


The Price Of Freedom

Never forget the reason why this day means so much.


Deserving Of Our Honor

Never stop honoring them for their sacrifice.


Thank A Soldier

The deserve the respect.


Remember Their Sacrifice


Forever Thankful

Every single day.


Every Day