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13 Mother's Day 2017 Gifts From Amazon Prime

Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 14 this year. And if you're anything like me, you probably should have gotten a gift yesterday. Thankfully, the Mother's Day gifts from Amazon Prime don't take long to arrive and look like you gave it some serious thought.

After all, just because a gift arrives quickly don't mean it's not a thoughtful, sweet present. There are plenty of traditional gifts such as scarves or chocolates available that are sure to please mom. But if you'd like to get a bit quirky, there are some pretty unique finds as well. I mean, your mom probably doesn't have a coloring book with Ruth Bader Ginsburg in it. (And if she does, you're blessed with a super cool mom.)

Whether your mom is a fitness nut, style guru, or devoted foodie, you're certain to find something that will appeal to her individual interests. Best of all, any of these gifts can be shipped to you (or her) in two days' time. You don't have to try to find something interesting among picked-over store aisles at the very last minute. Let technology do the hard work for you. And whatever gift you settle on, hopefully you and your mom will enjoy a lovely Mother's Day celebration this year.


For The Chill Mom

Wickedly Prime Organic Herbal Tea, $16, Amazon

Help your mom take her iced tea game to the next level. The delicious hibiscus organic herbal tea is perfect when served hot or cold. Plus, the caffeine-free flavor can be savored all day.


For The Proud Mom

Peacock Tail Feather Wide Cuff Bracelet, $22, Amazon

If your mom is into all things fabulous, then this bracelet is a fine idea. The peacock tail feather wide cuff bracelet is a colorful gift. It's perfect for the mom who loves to rock a statement piece.


For The Yogi Mom

Peace Yoga Yoga Mat Tote Bag, $20, Amazon

Whether your mom is a longtime yogi or a newcomer, help encourage her practice. This Peace Yoga yoga mat tote bag will fit most everything she needs for the next flow class. Plus, the bags are available in a range of colors and designs.


For The Collector Mom

Umbra Prisma Jewelry Tray, $14, Amazon

If your mom has an assortment of jewelry or other small collections, then give her a beautiful space to store them. This Umbra prisma jewelry tray is modern and airy. It's sure to become a decorative home for her many treasures (other than you, of course).


For The Inspiring Mom

Boss Babes: A Coloring & Activity Book, $8, Amazon

For many people, your first role model/boss lady was your mom. Honor this role with a cheeky Boss Babes coloring and activity book. Everyone from Cher to Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes an appearance.


For The Elegant Mom

Calvin Klein Sold Chambray Scarf, $35-38, Amazon

Scarves never go out of style. This Calvin Klein women's solid chambray scarf comes in an assortment of colors that are fit for the warmer months. If your mom is more accustomed to scarves as a winter accessory, include some tips on ways to wear a summer scarf.


For The Arty Mom

California Poppies Stemless Wine Glasses, $30, Amazon

Hey, Etsy isn't the only DIY game in town. These California poppies stemless wine glasses are hand-painted and one-of-a-kind. It's art with a function.


For The Mom On The Go

FlipBelt Workout Belt, $29, Amazon

If your mom is a dedicated hiker, runner, or traveler, then this is a thoughtful gift. The FlipBelt workout belt gives your mom a place to stash her phone and keys in a no-bounce, easy design. Just don't call it a fanny pack.


For The Gardener Mom

Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter, $30, Amazon

Does you mom love all things green? This Kikkerland concrete desktop planter will spruce up her home or office. You can even throw in some little plants or a pack of seeds to get her started.


For The Bath Bomb Mom

Bath Bomb Gift Set, $20, Amazon

Is your mom the bomb dot com? This bath bomb gift set is for her. Vegan and cruelty free, these fizzy bath fragrances are popular and well-reviewed.


For The Sweet Mom

Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin, $29, Amazon

If your mom enjoys sweets, then a box of fancy candy is always a sure bet. The Godiva chocolatier classic gold ballotin includes white, milk, and dark chocolates. Hooray for chocolate.


For The Foodie Mom

Casina Rossa Gourmet Sea Salt Gift Pack, $21, Amazon

Help your mom spice up her life. The Casina Rossa gourmet sea salt gift pack includes truffle, fennel, and herb flavors. They will dress up anything from popcorn to a full holiday meal.


For The Fresh Mom

CLEAN Eau de Parfum Spray, $40, Amazon

Light perfumes work for almost everyone. And CLEAN eau de parfum spray is a fresh, gentle scent. It's especially refreshing right after a shower.