13 Movies To Watch On Netflix When You're Snowed In & Ready To Veg Out

Even though you're a grown adult, you sometimes find yourself hoping for a snow day. A blizzard is a good excuse to sleep in, stay in your pajamas all day, and start sipping on wine before you'd even be out of work on a normal day. And, best of all, there a ton of Netflix movies you to watch when you're snowed in.

When the weather has you stuck inside, don't let it give you a case of cabin fever. Instead, think of it as a gift for the movie gods — you now have 24 hours in which you can do nothing but watch TV and films. (Ok, so maybe you could work from home, or clean the kitchen, or organize that junk drawer....but, let's stick with watching movies.) The only obstacle you have to face is deciding which of the many Netflix films you're going to watch.

But the thing is, every snow day has it's own vibe. Sometimes the day off has you on top of the world. Sometimes the bad weather has you down in the dumps. Sometimes you get to spend the day snuggled up with your sweetie. And sometimes you spend the day running interference between your stir-crazy, cooped-up kids. Whatever the circumstances, there's a perfect movie available on Netflix to watch while the snow's a-falling.

There's something undeniably cozy about knowing that it's cold and windy outside, but that you're tucked into your warm home, unable to leave. So as a blanket of snow covers the ground, cover yourself with a blanket, warm up a mug of cocoa, and start streaming.


When You're Snowed In And Want To Watch An Old Favorite

Think you can find a better movie than Clueless? As if!


When You're Snowed In With Your BFF

The Cheetah Girls is all about friendship, and you and your bestie are totally Cheetah sisters. And, if you're up to the challenge, you can try learning the dances.


When You're Snowed In And Should Be Studying

Nobody inspires you to hit the books like Legally Blonde's Elle Wood. Seeing her journey from clubbing to Cambridge is sure to get you motivated


When You're Snowed In With Your Kids

Hercules is a totally underrated Disney classic, with some of the best songs and characters, as well as hilarious jokes you probably missed as a kid but will LOL at now.


When You're Snowed In And Snacking

Learn the proper way to spend a day off with Bridget Jones' Diary. As Bridget proves, all you need are some comfy PJs, ice cream, and a soundtrack to sing along to.


When You're Snowed In With Your S.O.

A classic RomCom, Hitch is perfect for couples. And it stars Will Smith, so even the most macho guy can get behind it.


When You're Snowed In And Are Making It A Total Self-Pampering Day

One of the ultimate chick flicks, Shakespeare In Love pairs perfectly with bottle of wine and an at-home face mask.


When You're Snowed In And Feeling Brave

Watch The Shining, a horror movie about being snowed while you're snowed in if you dare. And know that it's okay to sleep with the light on.


When You're Snowed In And Reminiscing About Middle School Snow Days

13 Going On 30 is a fun flashback to your pre-teen days, and Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner are so darn adorable.


When You're Snowed In And Could Use A Good Cry

Perhaps Tom Hanks' most iconic movie, Forrest Gump will give you all of the feels.


When You're Snowed In And So Glad You Don't Have To Deal With Co=-workers Today

Mean Girls may take place in high school, but you know the drama never ends. You may even walk away with some ideas on how to deal with your bitchy co-worker.


When You're Snowed In And Day Dreaming

Pride and Prejudice has it all: romance, costumes, and English accents. Transport yourself to 19th century England and imagine it's you locking lips with Matthew Macfadyen


When You're Not Actually Snowed In But Still Called Out "Because Of The Storm"

Take a note from Ferris Bueller's Day Off and embrace your day of hooky!

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