13 Movies To Watch With Dad On Netflix On Father's Day 2018, That'll You'll Both Enjoy


No matter what kind of relationship you have with your dad, you might be looking for something to do with him on Father's Day after brunch and before the barbecue. It could be fun to take a little time a pick a flick you both might enjoy. If you want to hone in on ones that are family-focused here are 13 great movies to watch with dad on Father's Day that can all be streamed on Netflix.

Most of these movies are oldies but goodies. All of them have strong father figures. Some are young, some are old, and they all make some pretty bold life moves. They feature some of the greatest actors of your dad's generation (Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, Robert DeNiro, Christopher Plummer) and some wonderful ones who might be closer to your age (Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhal). The fabulous thing about Netflix is you can start a film and if it isn't doing it for either of you, in a few clicks you can be on to another one.

And if Netflix isn't on your dad's radar yet, get him his own Netflix subscription as a Father's Day gift. That way he can pop himself some popcorn and watch these movies all year long.

1. Meet The Parents

Universal Movies on YouTube

Take one slightly over protective dad (Robert DeNiro) and throw in his precious daughter (Teri Polo) and unwelcome boyfriend (Ben Stiller). Add in the ex-CIA agent father's lie detector machine in the basement, and you have a very awkward family visit.

2. Trouble With The Curve

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Gus (Clint Eastwood) is a baseball scout, whose failing eyesight threatens to force him out of the job he loves. A friend encourages his estranged daughter, Mickey, (Amy Adams) to accompany him on a scouting trip, so Gus can prove his worth to the team. Old resentments come bubbling up as Gus and Mickey spend time together. And, of course, there's a love story, with Justin Timberlake thrown in.

3. Beginners

eOnefilms on YouTube

Oliver (Ewan McGregor) isn't sure which of his father's (Christopher Plummer) announcements is more shocking — that he's dying from cancer or that he has a young male lover.

4. Somewhere

Focus Features on YouTube

Hollywood actor Johnny Marco (Steven Dorff) is totally bored. He lives in hotel, has women parading in and out of his room, and he just doesn't care. Enter his daughter, Cleo (Elle Fanning), whose mother leaves her there with him. Johnny needs to figure out how to incorporate her into his unusual lifestyle.

5. Armageddon

TrailersPlaygroundHD on YouTube

As an asteroid heads toward Texas and promises to destroy earth, NASA hires oil driller Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) and his team of misfits, including his future son-in-law (Ben Affleck) to try to save the world.

6. Southpaw

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When boxer Billy Hope's (Jake Gyllenhal) wife is killed, his life spirals out of control, he loses his ability to box, and, worse, has his 10-year-old daughter taken away. Billy has to fight to get back his career and his little girl.

7. Guess Who

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on YouTube

A racially flipped remake of 1967's Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, this one stars Bernie Mac as the overprotective dad and Ashton Kutcher as the white boy his daughter brings home to meet her parents.

8. Wild Hogs

WildHogsMovie on YouTube

See if your dad can relate one of the four middle-aged biker wannabes who decide to take a cross-country motorcycle trip in this hilarious movie.

9. Beauty And The Beast (Live Action)

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This live action version of the classic Disney film has Belle (Emma Watson) being taken prisoner while trying to rescue her father from a castle where a transformed prince lives, ugly as a beast. Even in live action, the candelabra, teapots, and clock can talk, which sounds odd but it works.

10. Finding Nemo

Q on YouTube

Poor Nemo. All he wants to do is a little exploring. After venturing into the open sea (even fish kids don't always listen to their parents), Nemo gets taken away and his dad works like crazy to get him back.

11. Definitely, Maybe

Movieclips Classic Trailers on YouTube

Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) is about to be divorced. His daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) starts questioning him about his relationship with her mom and he decides to tell her the story of three of his girlfriends — without telling her which one is her mother. After it's over, you could ask your dad to tell you the story of how he met your mom, and you might be surprised by what he says.

12. The Flintstones

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Meet the Flintstones. Odds are pretty good your dad (or even you) watched the cartoon featuring Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty as they navigated life in the stone age. Now you can share some of the silliness with him and watch this live action version.

13. Harry & The Hendersons

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Much to the Henderson family's surprise, the "bigfoot" they accidentally hit with their car, think is dead, and hope to make a lot of money from, is actually alive. Yeah, you can imagine things get a little crazy after that.