13 Names For Babies Born In The Morning Who Will Always Be Early Birds

One thing you will learn quickly as a new parent is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or not. Your baby will make you become one. It can be tough to adjust to waking up early, and even more difficult to find the beauty in a sunrise when you’re sleep-deprived. But if your little one was born during the morning or you just need a little motivation to appreciate those dawn hours, how about giving your early-riser a name inspired by daybreak? Thankfully there are plenty of awesome names for babies born in the morning or just those who like to wake up at dawn. Whether you’re into traditional names or prefer something a little more funky, there are loads of options.

Don’t forget, picking out a name is one of the major perks that come with new parenthood. You can even find baby names in unexpected places. Sure, it may spark some debates and vetoes between you and your partner or you might worry about what others will think of your choice, but the name-selecting process is supposed to be fun. So whether you already have something in mind for your future baby or you just enjoy looking through the endless possibilities, check out some of the top morning-inspired names for your baby.



Not just the name of the Sleeping Beauty princess, Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn. A great option for your magical morning munchkin.



Speaking of Sleeping Beauty, did you know that Prince Philip's trusty horse, Samson, had a sunny name? In Hebrew, Samson means "sun child."



This light-hearted name can actually be used for both a boy or a girl. From the Middle English, the lark is a playful songbird often heard in the early morning.



Meaning "morning dew from Heaven" in Hebrew, Talia is a good fit if you prefer uncommon or different names.



This one may seem kind of obvious, but it's a strong and bold option. The name originated from Greek mythology where Apollo was the god of the sun.



A name for either gender, Kalani is Hawaiian for "the heavens and sky." Definitely a unique choice for any parent who loves a bit of quirkiness.



Another fairly straightforward choice, and a great pick for any Babysitter's Club fans, Dawn is an English word for "daybreak or first light."



Elio, an Italian name which can be shortened to Eli, actually comes from the Greek word "Helios" meaning "sun." Great for any parents with wanderlust in their hearts.



From the Welsh word for "bright," Eirian is a beautiful and shining option for either boys or girls.



Hunger Games fans, rejoice! Primrose, of course, is the name of a flower and it requires only the morning light.



Few things are more majestic than the beautiful colors of the morning sky. Altan is a boy's name that means "golden" in Mongolian and "red dawn" in Turkish.



For either your new daughter or new son, what better moniker than Nova? The name literally means "new" in Latin.



In Slavic mythology, Zaria was the goddess of the morning star and was greeted at first light. The name also has roots in various cultures, so it's a lovely, wordly, choice.

Images: AndrewRuiz/Unsplash; Giphy (12); Wikimedia Commons