13 Memes & Gifs For National Friendship Day 2018 That Sum Up Your Relationship

National Friendship Day might not be the biggest holiday on your yearly calendar, but it's still fun and it's a great opportunity to take some time to tell your friends how much you value their presence in your life. In some cases, the relationships that you have with your closest friends can be just as significant as the relationships that you have with members of your family (they may even be more significant), so celebrating them and the relationship the two of you have is important. These memes and gifs for National Friendship Day 2018 are the perfect low-key way to celebrate if you're looking for something that requires minimal effort (like, almost none at all), but still want to mark the occasion somehow.

You and your closest friends have a relationship that, in all likelihood, no one can really understand except for you. Best friend relationships can be complicated and confusing, but they can also be supportive, easy-going, and loving (see what I mean about confusing?). It's hard to sum up your relationship in just a few words or with a quick phrase, but that doesn't mean that your friends don't appreciate when you tell them that they matter. Luckily, when words are hard to come by, memes and gifs swoop in to help you try to capture your relationship for you in a way that nothing else can.


Friends In Tough Times

Sometimes things are tough, but that's when you need people to rally around you most. If your friends are the ones who picked you up when you felt like you couldn't stand anymore, this is the perfect thing to share with them.


Friends Protect Each Other

Sure, you might not have covered them to protect them from the falling snow, but friends protect and take care of each other in all kinds of different ways.


Friends Support Each Other

Your friends do big things, but sometimes they find themselves feeling unsure. Tell them you believe in them even when they don't believe in themselves. That's what friends do.


A Friendship Pep Talk

It's you and your very best friend, on the same team, no matter what.


Friends Have Your Back

Being supportive sometimes just means telling (or showing) your friends that you're there for them if they need you.


Sometimes You Just Need A Hug

Sometimes there's really just nothing to say. Send your friend this virtual hug to tell them you love them oh-so-much.


It's Hard For Outsiders To Understand

Sometimes it's hard for other people to understand friendship dynamics. Still, you clearly love each other deep down. How would you get to be friends for so long otherwise?


You're Supposed To Tag Me

Listen, they're you're best friend, which means you're the one that's supposed to get tagged in memes, right? When friends are as close as the two of you, it's just assumed that you'll always be at the top of their list.


BFF Handshake

When you've been friends as long as Will and Grace, you tend to have quirks and inside jokes. You and your friend are nearly always in sync and, let's face it, get each other in ways that other people just don't.


Miss You

Find yourself a friend who loves you like Cory loves Shawn (and vice versa). You're always just as happy to see your friend as these two are to see each other.


They Just Mean So Much

Whether they're picking up the slack for you when you need it or just making sure you know they're always on your team, it's hard to even think about going through all the ups and downs of daily life without your best friend — even if they can't always be right by your side.


Just Sit Quietly

Sometimes you don't want to talk. Sometimes you just want to sit with someone. Your closest friends understand — and the silence just feels natural.


No One Knows You Like They Do

Some friends just get each other. They know their friend better than the friend knows themselves. And sometimes, there's really nothing more to say.