13 Netflix Documentaries That Will Enthrall You From The Start

Over the years, Netflix has become the premiere site for streaming shows, movies, and documentaries. Though the first two have been talked about more dominantly throughout the years, Netflix's selection of documentaries has both grown in number and popularity most recently. Even if documentaries aren't typically your first choice of things to watch, there are plenty of Netflix documentaries that will enthrall you.

For me, documentaries have not always been my favorite things to tune in to. With them being so readily available through Netflix, however, I have a newfound appreciation for the stories they tell and the information they offer. Unscripted and sometimes unsettling, documentaries have the ability to educate, remind, and evoke feelings that you may not have known to exist when watching them. I think the most difficult thing about watching documentaries is knowing that, at some point, these were circumstances and situations of real people. There are no scripts; there are no people playing fake characters. Just real, raw, and uncut truths of those highlighted to tell their stories on camera.

I haven't quite found my niche when it comes to what I prefer to watch in terms of documentaries, but right now, I'm OK with teetering the fence and seeing what's out there. If finding a place to start is what keeps documentaries out of your queue, perhaps these 13 Netflix documentaries will help get you comfortable.


'What Happened, Miss Simone?'

Noted as one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Nina Simone paved the way for many of the artists that are known and loved today. What Happened, Miss Simone? takes us on a journey through her life filled with both the high's and the low's.


'For Grace'

Are you a self-proclaimed foodie or aspiring chef? For Grace is a documentary that you want to have in queue. Telling a story that goes far beyond the stove, this documentary will make your hungry and emotional at the same time.



One of the best players to deliver his gifts to the world, Allen Iverson was known as one of the bad boy's of basketball throughout his career. His documentary, Iverson, discusses his time in the game, the trouble he encountered, and how it all started. If basketball is something you're quite fond of, this documentary on the talented and never duplicated Allen Iverson is perfect for you to get lost in.



Undefeated is one documentary that I have no problem watching multiple times. Telling the story of a high school football team located in a less than fortunate area, this documentary is a reminder of how easy it is to become a product of your environment, and how even when you get out, the lasting effects it has on your life.


'Rhyme & Reason'

Almost two decades after its arrival, Rhyme & Reason causes fans of the rap and hip-hop genres to revisit the culture when it was still in its birthing years. The documentary showcases the everlasting impact that both rap and hip-hop have left on the world as we now know it.


'The Black Power Mixtape, 1967-1975'

Surely one of the most fascinating documentaries ever, The Black Power Mixtape was filmed during the American Civil Rights Movement in the years of 1967 to 1975. If you're looking to be educated about both the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement, this is where you should start.


'The Imposter'

When I first heard about The Imposter, I was intrigued by its description. The documentary is a little difficult to realistically grasp and serves as a reminder of how we make things into what we want them to be just so we don't have to hurt anymore.


'The Act Of Killing'

A documentary that focuses on the 1960 Indonesian killings may seem educational, but the interesting and controversial thing about this particular documentary is that it includes some of the killers. Re-enacting the killings in whatever cinematic way they choose, The Act of Killing may make you a little uncomfortable.


'The Look of Silence'

The follow-up to The Act of Killing, The Look of Silence stars the brother of one of the 1960 Indonesian killings victims. Here, he anonymously confronts the men who were ordered to do the killings.


'The Art of Organized Noize'

If music is something that peaks your interest, The Art of Organized Noize is a must see. Delving into the background of Atlanta's sound and how the industry forever shifted, this documentary will quickly become a favorite


'Making A Murderer'

Though Making a Murderer is a docu-series, the controversy that has been nestled around the Steven Avery cases should've been enough to make anyone want to see what this is about. If not, having some spare time in your schedule should urge one to watch.


'30 For 30: This Magic Moment'

As a native of Orlando, Florida the 30 for 30: This Magic Moment documentary means more to me than people can ever imagine. Highlighting the epic rise and unfortunate fall of the once untouchable team, this documentary is meant for any basketball lover to tune in to.



When people talk about Detroit, the devastation that surrounds the city in Michigan is always highlighted. If you've never been to The D, thoughts of fabrication and exaggeration may cross your mind. However, Detropia will put all of those thoughts to rest as it gives viewers a firsthand look into the poverty stricken town.