13 New Sex Positions Long-Term Couples Need To Try Now

Long-term relationships do not have to be synonymous with a boring sex life. That being said, periods of boredom are common for most couples, whether it’s from simple familiarity or the stress of everyday life. That's why new sex positions for long-term couples can be a key factor in adding a bit of unexpected lust back into the bedroom.

Sex is about passion and lust, but it's also about the ridiculous and unexpected. And that’s especially true when it comes to how you angle your body. Trying out something new, even if it seems slightly strange and a little awkward, can lead to a new type of intimacy or mind-blowing orgasm. At the very worst, it can make you two laugh and give you something to joke about in the future. Sex is all about having a shared history of private moments of the physical body that can be both sublime and ridiculous.

So if you feel like your relationship is in a sexual rut, why not test out some new moves. Open up your mind (and maybe throw in some pilates-inspired stretch) and try one of these 13 mind-blowing sex positions for couple in long-term relationships. You can thank me later.


The Butter Churner

This position looks impossibly awkward, but worth trying at least once. The butter churner requires a woman to lie on her back and flip her legs over her head. The man then sits on her butt and "dips" his penis in and out of her vagina, essentially mimicking the movement of a butter churner.


The Head Game

Not the head you're thinking of. The head game requires the woman to lie flat on the ground and, using her hands to support her lower back, lift her legs and backside up. As this is happening, the man kneels, grabs her ankles, and brings his knees to her shoulders. The man then holds her hips while she holds his thighs for leverage, connecting the two for some sex that will definitely give you a head rush, if nothing else.


The Pinwheel

To try the pinwheel a couple lies down with their legs facing each other. The woman then lowers her crotch onto the man's, wrapping her legs around either side of him. The man then encircles her waist with his legs and grips her upper thighs, and... see what happens!


The London Bridge

The man gets on all fours, facing upward, like an arch or a yoga pose. Then the woman straddles the man carefully, without knocking him over, and begins the london bridge. (If you two can manage this, you are amazing. Give yourself a high five.)


The Kinky Jockey

The kinky jockey is one of those sex positions that is either going to really turn you on or make you laugh. One woman get on all fours, while the other straddles her hips and yanks on her hair while rubbing her clitoris against her partner's tailbone.


The Y-Pose

The Y pose is like a choreographed dance. The woman lies belly down on the bed and scoots until her head is on the floor, so that she is bent over at the waist. The man climbs on top of her and enters from behind while holding his torso in an upper curve so that his head reaches up toward the ceiling. See how long you can do before you are scooted off the bed.


The Ape

Here's how you monkey around with the ape. The man lies one his back and pulls his knees up toward his chest. The woman then sits on his penis. The end.


The Triumph Arc

The triumph sex position requires the man to sits up, legs in front of him. The woman then straddles him and leans all the way back until her head is lying down between his legs. The two hold hands and connect for some mind-blowing sex.


The Plow

In the plow position, the woman lies her upper body on the end of the bed while the man stands behind the bed, grabs her legs, and enters from behind. Awkward but do-able, depending on how long the man can stand before his legs start quaking.


The G-Force

The G-Force is not to be treated lightly, as someone could hurt their neck. The man kneels while the woman lies on her back in front of him. She then raises her legs up so they are at his neck, and then scoots forward. The man grabs her rear, lifts it up, and enters her.



Bound involves that old sex prop: handcuffs. One of the women sits in a chair, while the other straddles her with hands cuffed together behind her.


The Gallery

To do the gallery, the man sits up with his legs in front of him, while the woman lies slightly sideways, face down, legs around the man's torso while he takes her hips and enters.

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