13 New Year's Resolutions To Make You More Organized

The New Year is on its way and if you haven't already started planning for it, you're a little behind. Though many people make resolutions that focus on their health and happiness, there are plenty of other ones to consider if you're ready to better yourself. For example, if you're a little disordered, then you would want to consider New Year's resolutions to make if you want to be more organized.

When it comes to getting organized, almost everyone could use a few tips. What I've learned about New Year's resolutions though, is that the challenge isn't in starting them — it's staying consistent with them. It's easy to be excited about your resolutions right before they start, but if you haven't mastered consistency, then you'll have trouble overcoming your shortcomings.

Organization is a big thing for me personally. If things aren't in order, my anxiety increases and I feel extremely overwhelmed. That's why my New Year's resolution a few years ago was to make sure that my organization skills were up to par . And it was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my adult life.

If you need a few tips and tricks on how to increase the organization in your life, these 15 could be of benefit to you.


Get A Planner

One of the top ways that I was able to get better organized was to purchase a planner. Not only was I able to see my meetings and events when scheduling other obligations, but it also helped me to decrease the risk of forgetting things.


Stop Procrastinating

Lifehack noted that eliminating procrastination is a great way to get organized for the New Year. The longer you wait to get something done, the more difficult it will become. Cut out the stress by doing it when it needs to be done.


Write A To-Do List

One thing that I've implemented is a daily to-do list. I noticed it's a helpful way to stay on task and get everything done.


Plan Out Your Meals

Planning out your meals for the week is a great way to help keep organized, too. Try keeping a few recipes and dinner combinations on your fridge that you can rotate throughout the week.


Create Essential Checklists

According to Woman's Day, creating essential checklists is very helpful. Things like what you need before leaving the house each day and what needs to be done before going to bed each night. Keep the originals on your computer for easy updating access and put copies out for you to use each day.


Give Yourself Structured "Me" Time

Entrepreneur noted designated structured "me" time each day helps with your organization, too. That could be working out in the mornings, listening to encouraging podcasts, or just responding to a few emails.


Give It Away Anything You Don't Wear

Instead of keeping those old shirts with holes in them or that dress that's too small, give it away or get rid of it. There's no need to hold onto something that you aren't using or don't need.


Create & Stick To A Realistic Budget

Getting organized also includes organizing your funds. Make it a point to set yourself a realistic budget and more importantly, stick to it. Creating it is one thing, but actually abiding by it will help you organize your money.


Learn To Manage Your Time, Not Multitask

Multitasking may seem like a good idea, but learning how to manage your time is much better. Before I made an effort to become more organized, I prided myself with multitasking. What I began to realize though is that I got less done when I was trying to multitask, and got more done when I learned how to manage my time.


Set Timers To Complete Tasks

Until you've learned how to manage your time efficiently, setting timers can help. Estimate how much time you think you will need for each task and set your timer to get it done. For me, having a timer meant that I had no choice but to stay focused and complete the task because I was on a schedule.


Take A Break Every Day

Carving out multiple breaks in your day for you to collect your thoughts and refocus is important to getting and staying organized. Self care is important, so taking a few minutes to yourself each day at different times can help you accomplish what you need.


Have A Family Information Center

According to The Huffington Post, having a family information center is important to keeping both communication and organization in your home. Everything such as schedules, times, contacts and important dates can help keep you organized. Color-coding them can also help, too.


Make Time To Declutter Your Life On A Weekly Basis

Lifehack noted that making time to declutter your life every week is helpful to keeping your life organized. Things do not stay organized on their own, so you have to carve out time to do so. When your house, apartment, or office are organized correctly, you'll be able to efficiently organize your schedule.