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13 Of The Most Outdated Hairstyles From '90s Teen Movies

by Olivia Youngs

If we're talking '90s, you can't get too far without mentioning two important staples of '90s culture: hairstyles and classic teen movies. Most of the inspiration for the cool girl's hairstyles came from the big screen, and though these dos were al that back in the day, there are some horribly outdated hairstyles from '90s teen movies that deserve honorable mentions, if only for nostalgia's sake.

Growing up, people didn't really notice the tackiness that was oh-so-'90s. But then again why would they — at the time everything was all that and a bag of chips. With examples like Gwen Stephani's mini-buns, Drew Barrymore's floral up-do, and Brandy's cascade of braids, what was a teen to do? They couldn't help but be enamored by these now outdated hairstyles, and I know you'd be lying if you said you never tried to copy them at home.

As a '90s girl, it's pretty safe to say your bathroom was fully stocked with a crimper, too many butterfly clips, at least one handkerchief, a hairagami, and enough hairspray to make the '80s jealous. While these movies adding fuel to the fire, '90s hair was truly a beast of it's own. The only question is— which one did you rock?


Perfect Layers

Paramount Pictures

It was pretty much common knowledge that Alicia Silverstone in Clueless had the hair of a supermodel.


Bob With Blunt Bangs

MIramax Films

Mia from Pulp Fiction had hair as bad ass as her personality.


Braids On Braids

Saradipity Productions

Whether in two buns on top of her head or ponytails, braids were all the rage.


The Poodle Updo

Touchstone Pictures

It was cute to stick your hair tightly to your head and then leave it all in a curly pile on top, just like Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You.


The Feathered Layered Cut

20th Century Fox

Drew Barrymore can rock it in Never Been Kissed, but I'm not sure anyone else should.


The Headband

TriStars Pictures

If they were going to murder the prom queen, at least they looked cute. Jawbreaker is a classic go-to for '90s hairstyles gone wrong.


The Fried and Feathered Look

New Line Cinema

Sydney from House Party, while still super cool, was a little bit stuck in the '80s with this do.


A Curled Bob

Columbia Pictures

Nicole Kidman has had many hairstyles throughout the years, but this one from To Die For screams "Help, I can't get out of the '80s!"


The Bandana

Paramount Pictures

Bandanas worn over your hair or folded up as a headband was a staple of '90s hair trends.



Fine Line Features

All of the movie Nowhere is sort of one big WTF moment— hairstyles not excluded.


Two Strand Frame

20th Century Fox

Usually accompanied by twists and butterfly clips— like in this prime example from Drive Me Crazy.