13 Outdated 'Sex And The City' Outfits That Should Stay In Carrie's Closet Forever

by Autumn Jones

For six years, faithful viewers tuned in every week to see the the women of Sex And The City make their way through Manhattan (and their 30s.) Aside from being a powerful foursome, these ladies had a knowledge, be it about relationships, sex, or how to best use a Rabbit. And, above all else, they could throw together a pretty stunning outfit. Of course, not every ensemble was a winner and there were plenty of outdated Sex And The City outfits that never should have made it out of Carrie’s shoe-filled closet.

If you would have told me in 2002 that Carrie Bradshaw's fearless looks would one day seem subpar and outdated, I would have laughed in your face and never spoken to you again. At the time, those giant flowers on every shirt, dress, and purse seemed so right. And now, well, they just feel silly. At least I can hold on to the fact, that for every one SATC fashion blunder, there were at least 10 amazing looks that are still draw-dropping today.

Just to prove I'm not I'm stretching the truth about these not-so-awesome ensembles, I've lined up some of the worst offenders. Take a look and these 13 outdated outfits from Sex And The City and see how many of these you would still wear today.


Shoulder Pads

Do I spy shoulder pads on that red blazer? And has Miranda paired a hoodie with a silk skirt?


Cowboy Hat & Bandeau

Oh! The straw hat and bandeau phase. Let's be glad that's over. (But kuddos to SJP for those abs.)


Sequined Separates

If this were a full on jumpsuit, it might still work as trendy for today. But due to the fact that this is separates, with that little bit of mid drift peeking through, it feels totally dated.


Over The Knee Socks

Over the knee socks were cute for a time. But now's not that time.


Skinny Belt And Geometric Collar

Even the ever classic Charlotte has a few fashion fumbles in her wardrobe.


Little Black Slip Dress

I'm loving that cardi, but the slip dress feels too out of place to be considered current.


So Many Things

Hello color blocked, off-one-shoudler, poofy sleeves! I remember you.


Bohemian In Heels

I probably wanted to pull of this look myself back in the day, but now I only save this attire for houseworks (sand heals, of course.)


Princess Warrior

To wear a spiked jacket, you have to be Samantha. Or ballsier than Samantha — like Rihanna. Either way, it feels like a blast from the past.


Really Ruched

For the love of ruching I'm glad the gathered look has run its course.


Miranda's Day Off

Miranda was mostly in suits on screen, but times like these when she gets to kick it casual just weren't her best moments.


Flower Power

The giant flowers! I admit to pinning those on my clothes for a few months when this was popular.


Very Terry

Terry cloth everything. Need I say more?

Images: Darren Star Productions