13 Patriotic Pups Of Instagram Who Are So Excited About The 4th Of July

The 4th of July is only a few days away and no matter your style, you've probably debated what you should (or shouldn't) wear to this year's BBQ, pool party, fireworks show, or block party. Believe it or not, the 4th of July is a great day to make a statement with your fashion choices — honestly, what other day is it acceptable to dress exactly like our nation's flag and not feel silly? If you're still in need of some inspiration, never fear, sometimes the least likely places are the most inspirational. Like these patriotic pups of Instagram, for instance, who are way more stylish than most people will be this year.

If you feel silly taking fashion advice from a dog, well, you shouldn't. These pups, and their owners too obviously, are on top of current trends and aren't afraid to make a statement. From subtle minimalism to flashy and fun, these dogs are styled to perfection and ready to strut their stuff this year.

Whether you're planning to party all day or are content to chill at home with the kiddos (fur babies or otherwise), these dogs will give you all the inspiration you need to pull of a successful 4th of July outfit. And they're pretty gosh darn adorable too.


Regally Patriotic

With a stoic pose and a classic bandanna like this one, you'll look as large and in charge as you should for the 4th.


Pool Party

If flirty and fun is more your style, take a cute from Ellie and throw on a cute and festive tutu.


Chill Out

Look at him, looking more hip than any human will for the 4th.


Sporty Spice

Keeping it sporty yet minimal, with a cute pair of wrist bands, is always a good idea.


Statement Shades

Sometimes all you need is a good statement piece or two or three.


Top Hat and A Two Piece

Or a patriotic two piece. Full coverage optional.


Hipster Pup

A sharp dressed man (read: dog) is actually all you need.


Not Amused

Although he looks less than thrilled, he's really rocking the top hat cocked to the side.


Dressed For Duty

This heroic seeing eye dog is doing his job in style this year.



If donning the flag isn't your thing, thematic background does the trick.


Plain (Red) White (And Blue) Tee

A happy face and a simple tee, like this one from Urt, will make pulling off the "effortless beach look" as easy as this pup makes it look.


Curly And Covered

There's nothing cuter than a sweet golden-doodle rocking her natural curl with a patriotic scarf to finish off the look.


Keep It Classy

If all else fails, a simple derby-style hat and an American flag will make you look as patriotic as you feel.