13 Plus Size Halloween Costumes To DIY Or Buy

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

If there's one thing that I love about Halloween, it's the fact that you can literally be whatever you want without being judged. But that doesn't mean everyone is comfortable stepping outside of their normal space when it comes to what they wear. Though I am not of a plus size figure, friends of mine who are have expressed to me that the reason they don't dress up for Halloween is because of how uncomfortable they feel. However, knowing what plus size Halloween costumes are out there for you to make or buy is a way to alleviate that feeling.

I truly think that everyone is entitled to wear what they want and feel as good in it as the next person. Whether you choose to go as something simple like a cowgirl decide to go decked out in mermaid attire, as long as you're comfortable and feel good in it, that's all that matters. If purchasing a costume is not something you want to do, try going the DIY route to give yourself a way to be more creative when it comes to your 'fit this Halloween.

Need some inspiration for what to be? These 13 costume ideas will help you out.


Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann Costume, $44, Oriental Trading

Take it back to your childhood by purchasing this Raggedy Ann costume for your Halloween festivities.


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Costume, $37, Party City

Get a head start to grandmother's house this Halloween in your Little Red Riding Hood costume.


Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit Ensemble, $95, Halloween Costumes

If sexy is what you're going for with this year's costume, you'll definitely be able to nail it in this Jessica Rabbit ensemble.


Velma Dinkley

Orange Turtleneck, $14, Amazon | Red Pleated Skirt, $15, Azbro | Knee Socks, $11, Amazon | Shoes, $50, Target | Glasses, $5, Jet | Wig, $13, Amazon

Jinkies! Who wouldn't want to show off their smarts as Velma this Halloween? All you'll need is an orange turtleneck, a red pleated skirt, some orange knee socks, red shoes, black glasses, and a brown wig.


Bride Of Chucky

White Dress, $35, Torrid | Black Leather Jacket, $16, Target | Boots, $10, Charlotte Russe | Black Choker, $3, Amazon

Have a killer Halloween this year with this DIY Bride of Chucky costume. All you need is a white dress, black leather jacket, black combat boots, and a black choker.


Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil Costume, $90, Party City

Have a little evil in you that you want to show off? This Cruella De Vil costume will help you accomplish that devilish task.


Rosie The Riveter

Jean Button Up Shirt, $44, JCPenney's | Red Bandana, $5, Amazon

Turning yourself into Rosie the Riveter this Halloween is easy as ever because all you'll need is a jean button up shirt and a red bandana tied around your head


Dora The Explorer

Orange Shorts, $16, Amazon | Pink Shirt, $10, Amazon | Purple Backpack, $10, Amazon | Yellow Socks, $9, Amazon

If you're looking to bring the kid side of yourself out this year, dressing as Dora the Explorer may be your first choice. All you'll need are a pair of orange shorts, pink shirt, purple backpack, yellow socks and white sneakers.


Barb From 'Stranger Things'

Plaid Ruffled Shirt, $20, Ulla Poken | High Waisted Blue Jeans, $25, H&M | Oversized Glasses, $13, Amazon | Wig, $12, Amazon

To become the closest thing to Barb as you can this Halloween, you'll need a plaid ruffled shirt, high-waisted light blue jeans, some oversized glasses, and a short red wig.



Flannel Shirt, $30, Amazon | Boots, $24, Amazon | Jeans, $20, H&M | Beach Hat, $12, Amazon

Becoming a scarecrow for Halloween is a great DIY costume idea because not only is it easy, it's relatively cheap, too. To make the costume, all you need is a flannel shirt, a pair of boots, a pair of jeans, and a beach hat. Be sure to find a few straws of hay to stick in the sleeves of your shirt, your boots and from underneath your hat.



Dorothy Costume, $30, Halloween Costumes

Is there no place like home for you? Head back to Kansas this Halloween with this cute Dorothy Halloween costume. Add in your red sequin shoes and you're good to go.


Princess Leia

Princess Leia Costume, $43, Costume Super Center

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then this Princess Leia costume will be what you need in your life this Halloween.


Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell Costume, $54, Party Bell

Become the belle of the ball in this Tinker Bell adult costume this Halloween.