13 Potty Training Memes That'll Make You Laugh Through The Struggle


From all the stories I've heard over the years, potty training your child can be one of the toughest moments of a parent's life. Though it can be exciting (and convenient) to see your child move from diapers to the toilet, the process of getting there can be extremely frustrating. Since it can take a lot of work for both the parent and the child, finding things to laugh at while embracing the process can help take the pressure off. And having some potty training memes to relate to can definitely help with that.

When I think back to the start of my niece's potty training days, I remember how stressed my sister initially seemed. Although my niece was adamant about using the "big girl toilet," it was still a struggle getting her comfortable to use the bathroom without her training pants. There were many days when my sister had to laugh off the frustration and remember that my niece would eventually get to that point when the time was right. Embracing that thought process helped take the load of stress off of her and helped my niece get comfortable with going to the bathroom.

If you're in potty training mode and need a little hope through laughter, these 13 memes are sure to do the trick.


We need answers.

2Pees & Poops

Ugh. Why can't I live that life?

3Lack Of Aim

Please make my life better.

4Saving The World

It may not save the world, but it saves mine.

5It's A Trap


6Clean Bathrooms

Tell me how, please.

7Good Advice

Thanks, dad.


Isn't that how it always works?

9Cool Things

This is real life.

10Flip Flops

True story.

11Are You?

The answer is...no.

12Desperate Means

Well, is it?

13Treats For Pees

Or, whatever you want. I'm up for compromise.