13 Practical Father's Day Gifts That'll Win Your Cargo-Short-Loving Dad's Heart

Plenty of dads are no-frills, no-fuss dudes. This is great in general, but they can be almost impossible when it comes to gift-giving. What do you get the guy who doesn't need much at all? These practical Father's Day gifts for the cargo short dad will give you a good starting point. Hey, Father's Day should be all about celebrating with your dear old dad, not stressing about what stuff to buy.

In general, it's a good idea to stay with the safer gifts for this type of dad. Wardrobe basics, durable kitchen goods, and even snacks are all wise choices for gifts. Sure, gag gifts are fun and all, but he'll probably appreciate a new pair of socks more than just about anything else. Save the silly stuff for your friends (or your mom).

Plus, none of these gifts are designed to stress out your wallet, either. Although the average per person spending on Father's Day for 2015 was $116, as noted by Fundivo, you're under no obligation to drop that kind of cash. I mean, your dad will probably be happy to learn you're pretty great at budgeting anyway. Read on to find some non-flashy, sensible gifts for your beloved dad so you can both have a great Father's Day this year.


Some Awesome Snacks