13 Practical Father's Day 2018 Gifts For The Cargo Short Dad Who's Seriously So Hard To Shop For


Plenty of dads are no-frills, no-fuss dudes. This is great in general, but they can be almost impossible when it comes to gift-giving. What do you get the guy who doesn't need much at all? These practical Father's Day gifts for the cargo short dad will give you a good starting point. Hey, Father's Day should be all about celebrating with your dear old dad, not stressing about what stuff to buy.

In general, it's a good idea to stay with the safer gifts for this type of dad. Wardrobe basics, durable kitchen goods, and even snacks are all wise choices for gifts. Sure, gag gifts are fun and all, but he'll probably appreciate a new pair of socks more than just about anything else. Save the silly stuff for your friends (or your mom).

Plus, none of these gifts are designed to stress out your wallet, either. Although the average per person spending on Father's Day for 2015 was $116, as noted by Fundivo, you're under no obligation to drop that kind of cash. I mean, your dad will probably be happy to learn you're pretty great at budgeting anyway. Read on to find some non-flashy, sensible gifts for your beloved dad so you can both have a great Father's Day this year.

1Some Chill Sandals

Levi's Men's Vista Cork Flip Flops


These laid-back flip-flops are about as comfortable as possible. Plus, they're on sale for $15 until June 3.

2Some Top-Rated Cargo Shorts

Wrangler Authentics Men's Premium Twill Cargo Short


With over 1,000 customer reviews on Amazon, these shorts have been vetted by dads everywhere. Made from 100 percent cotton and featuring 4 cargo flap pockets, these shorts can carry just about anything. Your dad will be thrilled.

3Some Sweet Aviator Shades

Cole Squared Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglass Warehouse

With polarized lenses and a classic aviator frame, these sunglasses are perfect for just about anyone. Your dad will appreciate the understated but super cool style. Plus he won't break a sweat if he loses or breaks them.

4A Minimal, Durable Wallet

Sailcloth Craftsman – Three Pocket Wallet


Super-thin and durable, this wallet is ideal for the man who only carries the essentials. Made from high performance racing sailcloth, this wallet can hold up to 6 credit cards and a few folded bills. It's even water resistant, because nobody wants to deal with a soggy wallet.

5Some Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones


Is it time for your dad to upgrade from that tangled headset? These bluetooth headphones offer seven to nine hours of playback time without the annoyance of a plug-in cord. Plus, the water-resistant coating will stand up to workouts and long commutes alike.

6A Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stanley Classic 25 oz. Vacuum Bottle

Dick's Sporting Goods

Vacuum-sealed and double-walled, this thermos can keep drinks cold for over a day when you include ice. And if your dad's a coffee fiend, it can keep drinks hot for 6 hours. Basically, it's the perfect companion that will get used year-round.

7A Dad Hat

Embroidered Dad Hat


OK, so it's the most self-aware dad hat out there. Regardless, your dad will wear the hell out of it.

8Some Durable Socks

Men's 7-Year Performance No Show Socks

Duluth Trading Company

For many people, a fresh pair of socks is honestly the best gift. These moisture-wicking, abrasion-resistant, and cushioned socks will make any of your dad's shoes feel like luxury footwear. Plus, they're designed to last through years of wear.

9An Outdoorsy Shirt

Columbia Terminal Tackle Heather Shirt


Help your dad make the most of his hiking or fishing hobby. This shirt offers moisture wicking technology, as well as sun protection of UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50. Plus, it's understated in a way your dad will appreciate.

10A Fun French Press

Grosche Zurich 8-Cup French Press

Bed Bath & Beyond

Elevate your dad's coffee game with this handy device. A French press can brew up strong, great-tasting coffee like nothing else.

11A Handy Multitool

Utility Key Multitool


This is maybe the handiest thing you can keep on a keychain. It includes a tiny knife, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, and of course a bottle opener. Plus, it's the size of a regular house key, making it about as compact and portable as possible.

12Some Awesome Snacks

Mixed Nut Sampler


If your dad is a snack fiend, then give him a great new selection. This sampler pack features roasted cashews, honey-roasted peanuts, and even chocolate-covered cashews. It's a grazer's dream.

13A Cool Plant

Bird's Nest Fern

The Sill

If your dad has a green thumb, this this beauty will be a great addition to his collection. The rippled fronds of the bird's nest fern give this plant some serious character. It's an elegant and hardy gift for Father's Day.