13 Pregnancy Sex Positions For The First Trimester

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean your sex drive slows down. In fact, some women discover they are more in the mood than ever once they have a baby on board. (Thanks a lot, hormones.) Getting busy while pregnant isn't much different than when you're not cooking up a little human. But certain pregnancy sex positions for the first trimester can help you get your groove on no matter your mood, energy level, or baby bump size. Stay open to having fun with your romps, and don't stress about bad things happening since having sex when pregnant will not harm your baby, as the website for What To Expect pointed out.

For the record, pregnancy sex could possibly be some of the best sex of your life. (Looking at you again, hormones.) Once you become pregnant, hormones start coursing through your bloodstream. Which means you get more turned on than a teenaged boy flipping through a Victoria's Secret catalogue faster than you can say, "take off your pants." As Parents magazine pointed out, "breasts are bigger and nipples are more sensitive, there's greater energizing blood flow to your pelvic area, and you're likely to have more natural lubrication." All prepping your body for mind blowing Os.

Don't hesitate to hop in the sack while pregnant. Try out some (or all) of these 13 positions to make sex in the first trimester all it can be.


Sexy Suds

A romp in the bubbles checks fun and relaxing off the list. Just remember, it's OK to let the action get extra hot, but not the water. According to Glamour magazine, don't soak in water that's too hot but definitely get your groove on with some easy seated positions.


Move To The Backstairs

Live in a home with a stair case? Incorporate those steps into your next sex session. Since Cosmopolitan instructs that you both kneel on stairs for this rear entry position, you won’t have to worry about any pressure on your belly. You can hold on to the banister for extra support, if needed.


X Marks The Spot

If you're able to handle deep penetration without any pain or pressure, try this position which requires little effort on your part. After arranging your legs with your partner's to form an X, lie back and enjoy the pleasure, as Women's Health magazine suggested. This is a great move for those nights when your worn out from being pregnant but are still in the mood for some action.


Reverse Cowgirl

Woman on top positions, such as reverse cowgirl, put you in control. As Refinery 29 pointed out, reverse cowgirl allows pregnant women to control the angle for maximum comfort and pleasure, and avoids any stress on the belly.


The Waterfall

Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't get creative in the bedroom. This position, also known as the head rush, requires a little bit of limberness. While your partner relaxes their legs on the bed, the rest of their body cascades down the side of the bed until head and shoulders are resting on the floor, according to Men’s Health. Then you climb on top, straddling your partner.



If pregnancy is taking a toll on your body, you have little energy left for getting it on. Meet your new fave: side by side. According to The Bump, lie facing your partner and have them put one leg over yours. Bonus: this keeps any weight off your baby bump.


Finger Sex

Let those digits to the dirty work. Taken from a Japanese method, Esquire magazine suggests you try this method letting your partner try out this special finger move on you for some serious pleasure. Use this on the nights your baby bump is making you extra lazy and you don't feel like putting much effort into sex.


Lap Pose

Enjoy a romp without even moving from your comfiest chair. According to What To Expect, this sex position is great for pregnant women, and can be done by having your partner sit in a chair while you sit on their lap with your back facing your them.


Side Saddle

Kick back and enjoy the ride as your partner does the heavy lifting. As Baby Center pointed out, this is a great sex position for pregnant women during any trimester. It’s a lot like missionary, but with both your legs to one side.


The Cliffhanger

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the cliffhanger is an amazing oral sex position for clitoral stimulation. While lying on the bed, scoot to the edge and let your legs hang over the side. The your partner can kneel down between your legs and get to work.


The Missionary Split

The creative minds at Self magazine have a new spin on this classic position. To do missionary with a split, simply lie on your back and arrange your legs in a split position, one in the air, and one resting on the bed or floor.


Missionary With A Pillow

Your growing belly may start to put some pressure on your body, making certain sex positions more uncomfortable. To take the pressure off your back, use a pillow to prop up your hips in missionary, as Prevention magazine suggested. Once your settled in, you can lay back and enjoy the fun.


Rock-A-Bye Booty

Think of this one as half sex, half bear hug. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, you’ll love this position because you get to enjoy a swaying motion instead of thrusting, which may feel better on your pregnant body.