13 Presidential Baby Names That Guarantee Your Tot A Spot In the Oval Playpen

Naming a child is serious business, as they carry that moniker forever. And although the success of your kiddo isn’t solely dependent on their name (that’s way too much pressure), it can indeed play a role in their outlook on life. Naming your child after a former leader of our nation could give them the confidence boost they need to change the world. Presidential baby names may not rank high on the baby naming lists but there are lots of good reasons to name your baby after a former POTUS or FLOTUS.

Knowing they share their name with a respected and well-liked leader could do huge things for a child’s self confidence. Perhaps even inspire them to follow in their namesake’s footsteps. Whether your baby decides to grow up to be president or not, presidential baby names are still worth considering because they are downright classy and motivational.

So if you’re looking to raise a future leader of the free world, or just a leader of the student council, these 13 names of former presidents and first lady’s (because we all know they are the ones who are really in charge) is sure to have one that strikes a chord.



Arguably one of the most influential presidents of all time, Abraham Lincoln led America through the Civil War, one of the most tumultuous times in our history. Lincoln has grown in popularity over the last few years, landing in the top 100 names for 2015. Not to mention it’d make a great moniker for a boy or girl.



Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, was very influential in her husband’s presidency. Letters between the two reveal that John often went to his wife for advice. And if that’s not enough, Abigail also means “the father’s joy.” Isn’t that perfect for a future leader and daddy’s girl?



Though our 39th president was met with challenges that took a tool on his popularity, he was never one to admit defeat. After his presidency he went on to become a well-respected diplomat and humanitarian, earning the Nobel Peace Prize for his work during and after his presidency. Not a bad namesake for your son or daughter.



If you’re looking for a name with historical figures to back it up, this is the one for you. Five of our presidents have shared this name — Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan and Garfield. Perhaps your son or daughter could be the sixth leader with that name?



Better known as Jackie O, Jacqueline Kennedy remains an icon to this day. She worked to restore the White House to its original glory and did it all without sacrificing an ounce of class. Which makes sense, since Jacqueline means "supplanter", or one who takes over or takes the place of someone else.



Another well respected first lady and wife to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor worked hard for political, racial and social equality and was a representative to the U.N. after her husband’s death. Meaning “bright and shining one”, Eleanor is a great name for a girl who brings light into your life, and that of others.



No, Harrison Ford wasn’t the original. The last name of two former presidents, William Henry and Benjamin, this name would be great if you’re looking for a lesser known name with history to back it up.



Ulysses S. Grant was a famous U.S. general during the Civil War and oversaw the military portion of Reconstruction after the war. He went on to become our 18th president at the age of 46, the youngest president to be elected. He was fearless, and certainly, a “great” man- as the meaning of Grant suggests.



This moniker has always been popular for girls, and was the last name of our fourth president- James Madison. Known as the Father of the Constitution, played a huge role in the ratification of the Constitution during his time in office.



Known as The Duchess, Florence Harding was our 29th first lady. She was known as being strong-willed and self-reliant, a quality rarely accepted in women in the 1920s. With a name like this, how could your child not be inspired to lead others?



Vice President to John F Kennedy and later our 36th president, Lyndon B. Johnson was known for his vision to build “a Great Society.” It would make a great gender-neutral name with some history on it’s side.



James Monroe was the fifth president and the was the last of the Founding Fathers to be in office to be in office. According to White House records, he was said to be so honest that, “if you turned his soul inside out there would not be a spot on it.” Sounds like an upstanding namesake to me.



First Lady Rosalynn Carter, whose name means beautiful rose, tirelessly worked to improve the quality of life of Americans everywhere. Her work with her husband to establish the Carter Center helped earn her husband a Nobel Peace Prize. After her husband's term ended, she continued to be a humanitarian powerhouse and is a leading advocate for mental health, caregiving and human rights.