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13 Rainbow Baby Photos, 13 Powerful Stories

For most families, the first photographs of their new baby are beyond precious. In some cases, though, there's a whole other story going on as well. These rainbow baby photos from Instagram will warm your heart as they share powerful stories about their resilient, loving families. Seriously, you may want to have some tissues on hand right about now.

The photos are all adorable (of course), but learning the story behind these babies and their families makes them even more meaningful. A rainbow baby is a child born after the loss of another baby through miscarriage, still birth, or death in infancy, according to Romper. The arrival of these children can bring about some (understandably) complicated emotions. To honor these parents and their particular journey, as well as remove the stigma surrounding infant loss, Rainbow Baby Day is recognized on August 22 every year. Founded by Alexis DelChiaro, Rainbow Baby Day falls on her own rainbow baby's birthday. Thanks to the #rainbowbabyday tag, families all over the world have felt empowered to share their beautiful, and sometimes heartbreaking, stories of loss and new life. Their photographs that accompany their stories are beautiful and inspiring, and they can bring hope to families facing similar situations.


Nora Iris

"1 month into figuring it all out... knowing it’ll never all be figured out, taking way too many pictures, and breathing deeply as we cuddle before sunrise," writes live_life_jazzed. "Your parents love you more than you can imagine."


Princess Bradli

Not all rainbow baby photos have to have a rainbow in it. This sleeping cutie is also tagged as a "#rainbowbaby", and it's all you need to know that there is a special story behind her.



"We are so over the moon about our little boy," writes tessinthemiddle. "For those of you that don’t know, a rainbow baby is a baby that comes after a couple experiences a loss of a previous child. I didn’t know this term until I had the privilege of sharing my story with other brave women and then keeping in touch with them until they too got their rainbow baby."



"Rumi is full of curiosity, eats all kinds of different foods, talks up a storm—he has lots of opinions, is learning how to swim, gives the best snuggles, listens intently when I read him the paper and offer counter-narratives (or he could be ignoring me completely), and does a lot of laughing," writes the_unapologetic_parent.



"My baby girl is 6 months old today," writes kris.k.moore. "Overall we have a very happy healthy squishy baby that I couldn’t love more if I tried."


Lyla Sadie

"3 months with my rainbow baby!" writes @lorawin, mama to lyla.sadie.


The Rainbow Triplets

"On our 2nd IUI we were pregnant but that ended in a loss. After taking a break and many more IUI attempts, on our last attempt (number 8) Sabrina got pregnant with our incredible triplets. They are now 8 months old," as @mamas_triplet_love says on whatthefertility's Insta.



"In just a few days my best little girlfriend will be 4 years old?! Whaaat?! Not so coincidentally we will also celebrate #nationalrainbowbabyday on Gigi’s bday, August 22nd! When I founded that special day, of course I planned it on my little rainbow baby’s birthday!" writes alexisdelchiaro.



"I know you guys see a post from Amari and I pretty much everyday. But when i look at her i see my rainbow after the storm. Baby loss is nothing to take lightly no matter how far along you were. Amari literally represents hope. She is my proof that my body can do some amazing things. I love her so much," writes chatairacooper.



Fertility issues can affect all kinds of families. Follow the story of Mayce's moms at askyourothermom.



"My little 🌈 baby," writes iris_potentate, mom to little_drew_boo.


"My Sweet Girl"

"🌈 My sweet girl. My sleeps through the night, lights up when she hears my voice, fidgets herself to sleep unless I snuggle her... sweet girl," writes ellies_light.



"From another round of fertility treatments, a third miscarriage, pregnancy in a pandemic, to laboring in a mask, this wasn’t exactly the experience I had envisioned. But she’s the perfect completion to our little family and worth everything we went through to get her here," writes telitha20. "To those struggling through infertility or miscarriages, I know birth announcements can bring a multitude of emotions when you’re in the throes of grief and waiting. I see you, I know your pain and I’m hoping your happy ending is coming."

If you or a loved one is dealing with the loss of an infant, then consider using the resources at Miscarriage Matters or working with a therapist for support.