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13 Reasons Quickies Are Good, Aside From The Speed

A hot and steamy sex session doesn't need to last for hours to be amazing. You can get the job done (and take advantage of some sweet benefits) all in less time than it takes to walk your dog. For too long, the quickie has been the underdog of the intercourse world, so the reasons quickies are good may surprise you. Forget every bad rumor you've ever heard about fitting in a fast one, and embrace your new favorite weekly ritual: the quickie.

This is not to say that proper and time consuming romps should be tossed out of your repertoire forever. There is a time and a place for all types of boot knockin' and body rockin'. Incorporating quick sex rendezvous into your life can be just as steamy and lusty as a long passionate night of getting it on. In fact, a quickie may offer even more thrills by the very nature that it happens so fast. After all, what's more exciting than trying to beat the clock to an O?

If you're up for some spontaneous and provocative encounters — that also pack a punch by keeping you happy an healthy — then read on to see why these 13 reasons quickies are good might change your approach to sex.


It Allows You To Be Spontaneous

Something unexpected can amp up the sexy excitement. As Women's Health magazine pointed out, keeping your clothes on during a quickie makes it feel even more spontaneous, which builds excitement.


It Lets You Take Your Foreplay Mobile

If you don't have time for foreplay before the main event, make building the suspense with your partner an all day event. Try what Cosmopolitan magazine suggested, and send saucy sexts back and forth all day long. Then by the time you meet up, you'll be good and turned on for your quickie.


It Helps You Multitask

Having a quickie means your short on time, so why not make the loving go the distance and knock out two to-do's at once? To save time and get it on, have a romp in the shower. Get you're thrills and then shave your legs — time saving tips at its best.


It Reenergizes Your Sex Life

If the climate has become a little cold in your bedroom, your relationship could benefit from a hot spark. According to the website for Body + Soul, "quickies are also excellent for reintroducing passion into a sex life that has been long neglected." So start fitting them into your weekly routine ASAP.


It Allows You To Be A Little Selfish

Limited time means the action happens at a rapid pace. One of the things that makes quickies so hot is getting straight to what you want and need to feel good, as Self magazine pointed out. Skipping over the politeness and going to the gold adds excitement to the act.


It Gives You A Thrill

Say you're at a party with your hot date and the mood strikes before it's time to bid your hostess farewell. What could be hotter than sneaking off for a quickie in a closet? As Health magazine pointed out, a change of venue makes sex more thrilling, and increases the excitement of a quickie.


It Inspires You To Go Outside The Position Box

Sometimes sex can get a little ho-hum with the same positions and foreplay routine. Having a quickie means a chance to mix things up, and that includes positions. Try one the best sex positions for a quickie, suggested by Women's Health magazine.


It Provides A Fast Release

Relieving the tension of a long day can happen in under 15 minutes by indulging in a quickie. As Very Well's website reported, sex is a great tool for stress management, so go ahead and fit in a racy romp before bedtime, and wake up feeling refreshed.


It's A Mood Booster

Need to snap out of that funky mood that's been following you around? Work in a quickie before you get too cranky. According to Everyday Health, sex is an effective mood booster because of the happy hormones released when doing the deed.


It Gives You A Work Out

If you didn't make it to the gym but still want to burn some calories, call in a quickie as a pinch hitter. According to Women's Day magazine, sex can burn between 75 to 150 calories in just 30 minutes. Which means you won't have to feel guilty about splurging on those fries at lunch.


It's A Great Night Cap

Having trouble sleeping at night? Than a quickie may help you skip counting sheep. Among it's other health benefits, sex helps improve sleep, as Everyday Health reported.


It Improves Immunity

No matter how tired or busy your week has been, fitting in a regular quickie could keep you from sniffling and sneezing. As the website for CBS News reported, "having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections."


It Bonds You and Your Partner

With hectic schedules, travel, and a long list of responsibilities, it can be challenging to pour the proper amount of energy into sustaining your relationship. But a quickie can do double duty by making you feel good as well as connected to your partner. As Healthline reported, the release of oxytocin makes you feel bonded to your partner after sex. Which is just another reason to get it on, even if it's over before a commercial break.