Courtesy of Sarah Bunton
13 Reasons To Name Your Child After Someone

by Sarah Bunton

When it comes down to it, the process of picking out a name for your baby is a roller coaster of emotions. Just like the amusement park ride, there are ups and downs and plenty of times you question why you even agreed to this whole thing. Although selecting your munchkin's moniker is a very private and personal time for any parent, that doesn't mean other people aren't going to weigh in with their opinions. In-laws, strangers, friends, frenemies, and family might disagree with you, but there are plenty of reasons to name your child after someone in your life.

In the end, it's up to you if you want to defend your choice, but in all reality you don't owe a reason or explanation to anyone. For many, however, the story behind their baby's name can hold great significance to them and getting to share that reason can be a meaningful experience. Naming your baby after someone will also give your child a story of their own to tell.

If you're looking for a little inspiration while you're considering which direction you should go in, then look no further and check out these top reasons to name your child after someone.


It Carries History

It could be that you or your partner are the fourth bearer of a name and you want to continue the tradition on with your child. Or it could be a person of significance in your family's ancestry. Either way, your child can have a little piece of personal history right there in their own name.


It's An Homage

For some people it's a particular film or book character, for others it's a famous artist or political figure. If there was a person who meant a lot to you growing up, naming your child after them could be a sweet way to honor them.


It's One To Live Up To

There's nothing quite like setting the bar high by naming your child after an iconic person. Want your child to bring world peace? Consider Ghandi. Want your kid to become a best-selling author? Try J.K.


It Speaks Volumes

If I ever have a daughter, she's going to share her name with my sister. I'm sure my sister knows I love her to bits, but the gesture of naming your child after someone can truly show them just how much they mean to you.


It Takes A Stand

If you're a passionate person and care deeply about challenges affecting the environment, civil rights, or animals, then you might consider naming your child after a significant person associated with that cause. Naming your child after George Washington Carver, Harvey Milk, or Jane Goodall pays tribute to the issues that matter to you.


It Honors Family

I'm named after both my grandmothers and it has been a wonderful source of bonding with both my maternal and paternal grandmas. I've also passed down my last name to my son by giving it to him as a middle name. So whether it's a favorite relative or in honor of a loved one who has passed, family is always a beautiful reason.


It's Magical

From Disney and Pixar to Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl, the films and books associated with childhood have a certain sense of wonder associated with them. So if a particular princess or chocolate factory owner means something to you, the magical whimsy behind the name is as fun a reason as any other.


It's A Reminder

Whether it's for your best friend who moved miles away or someone who has passed away, a name that carries the torch for the person you love and miss dearly is a touching reason for your child to have that name.


It's A Fresh Start

Perhaps you'd prefer to break from the norm and want to name your child after someone outside your immediate family. Starting a new tradition is a fantastic reason to name your baby after someone.


It's An Unbreakable Bond

Though it might not be a popular choice, naming your child after yourself can create a special and unique connection between the both of you. If you don't want to add "Jr." to the name, you can try what Will and Jada Pinkett Smith did and put a spin on your own name (like Willow and Jaden).


It's Empowering

Regardless of who this someone may be, if you've never had the courage to say that this person inspired you, whether fictional or real, it can be an incredibly emboldening reason to do so.


It's A Tie-Breaker

If you and your partner are stuck between name choices, you can probably think of someone who means something to you both. A tie-breaker that doesn't leave anyone offended sounds like a great reason to me.


It's A Secret

If you don't want to be bothered with explaining why you chose the name you did, most people will honor your privacy if you say your baby was named after someone special to you and leave it at that.