13 Scary Books To Read This Halloween Season, From The Classics To Modern Tales


Summer reading gets a lot of attention, but I think fall is really the best season for books. There's nothing like enjoying those chilly autumn temperatures while diving into a spooky read. Here's some scary books to read this Halloween season that will get you in the haunted holiday mood. As someone who enjoys scary books more than just about anything, I am thrilled to present this collection of freaky reads.

And really, there's something here to suit every taste. The classic masters of all things creepy are represented, including of course Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. But there are also more modern stories on the list, many of which feature persons of color and queer people as characters (alongside the usual zombies and witches and such). For stories about ancient and dead things, sometimes the horror genre can be pretty attuned to current social issues. Really, horror fiction is such a great way to examine anything that causes fear, including mental illness issues or a fear of aging.

Whether you purchase a hardcover copy, library loaner, ebook, or audiobook, invite these reads into your life this autumn season. They just might help you face some fears of your own.