13 Secret Santa Gift Ideas You Can Give To Literally Anyone

Participating in Secret Santa is a blast, but shopping for it can confuse even the most dedicated gift-givers. After all, how do you pick out a gift that would appeal to practically anyone, and be safe for work to boot? Thankfully, there Secret Santa gift ideas you can give to literally anyone that you pull from the hat.

When you think about it, buying gifts for acquaintances can be quite the minefield. Dietary preferences and allergies can make purchasing food tricky. Tastes in music or books are sometimes difficult to gauge. And you can't safely assume everyone else has the same brand of phone or computer, making electronic purchases dicey at best.

Fortunately, there are loads of cool gifts that practically any human would be thrilled to receive. The very basics — cups and bowls, for instance — are always useful. Plus, everyone needs an extra umbrella on hand for when they inevitably lose one of their current collection. Most everyone is happy to have a plant to brighten up their desk or patio, and there is something universally satisfying about writing with a quality pen. These Secret Santa gifts are sure to be a hit for your colleagues, teammates, or friend group. (And if you're tempted to keep a couple of the goodies for yourself, that's OK, too).


Wildflower Seedles

What's better than a bunch of flowers? These wildflower Seedles ($14) can encourage anyone to become a gardener. Whether your gift recipient has a giant lawn or a well-loved window box, these easy seed planters make flower growing a cinch.


Round Calabash Bowls

Elegant basics are sometimes the best gifts of all. For instance, this set of Pacific Merchants Trading Acaciaware round calabash bowls ($17) are perfect for holding dips, snacks, or even knickknacks. Your gift recipient could use them in practically any room of the house.


Stainless Steel Roller Ball Pen

Hey, even the most plugged-in technophile still needs a regular pen now and then. Why not go for the most baller ball pen out there? The Retro 51 Tornado stainless steel roller ball pen ($25) is a smooth-writing, gorgeous instrument. It's sure to become a treasured possession.


Easy Touch Umbrella

You can never have too many umbrellas. And this automatic Repel easy touch umbrella ($24) also comes in a rainbow of colors. Its compact size is great for commuters and travelers, or anybody who needs a break from the rain.



Multi-tools are some of the handiest things out there, and once you start carrying one, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. The Gerber Dime multi-tool ($14) is an easy way to keep 10 tools on hand at all times. Its small, lightweight design means your gift recipient can keep it in a backpack, travel bag, or glove compartment for all those unexpected repairs.


One-Click Flip Top Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are basically the best. And the Swig Savvy Triton Water Bottle ($10) lets you sip away with one hand. Plus, it can lock and become leak-proof, so you can toss it in your bag with no worries.


Ingenuitea Set

Give the gift of delicious black, green, flavored, or herbal tea. The ingenuitea set ($24) includes a dishwasher-safe teapot and sample of four teas. Be careful, though: this gift can become the gateway drug to a major tea obsession.



The popularity of succulents is easy to understand: these are some truly gorgeous plants. What's more, the Shop Succulents cacti and succulent collection ($23 for a pack of 9) is a great gift for even the most novice of gardeners. This adorable bunch of plants is certain to liven up any desk, kitchen windowsill, or patio.


Verbena Cleansing Hand Wash

Who doesn't love a fancy hand soap? This verbena cleansing hand wash ($22) from L'Occitane is a lemony fresh delight. This may become the most sought-after gift at your Secret Santa party.


Reuseit All-Purpose Reusable Messenger Bag

This bag can be a reusable grocery tote and so much more. The heavy-duty reuseit all-purpose reusable messenger bag ($19) can haul canned goods, baby stuff, travel gear, or pretty much anything else. It's useful and sturdy.


WBM Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holder

This candle holder adds a little natural beauty to any decor. The WBM Himalayan salt tealight candle holder ($11) emits a soothing amber glow when lit. Just fight the urge to lick it.


Minimalist Marble Notebook

This is the gift for anyone who wants to be fancy at all times, even when just jotting down a grocery list. The minimalist marble notebook ($11) is the classiest way to store a to-do list. Plus, it's much lighter than carrying around real marble.


Artisan Playing Cards

Whether you're into gin rummy or Texas hold 'em, most everyone enjoys a good card game. And this set of artisan playing cards ($11) will class up anyone's game night. The detailed, gorgeous designs are sure to set these cards apart from the pack.