13 Self Published Books You Won't Find At A Book Store, But Need To Read

by Meg Kehoe

The publishing world is changing at a pace that can only be compared to the world of technology. Because, as technology changes, so does the world of publishing. E-Readers and iPhones have changed the face of how we read and how we write. These days, if you're rejected by a publisher, you can just as easily self-publish online, and turn your novel into an e-book. The only tricky part about self-publishing, is that it's hard to gain visibility. But trust me, there are definitely self-published books you won't find at a book store, but deserve your attention ASAP.

The amazing range that self-published books provide can be hard to navigate, but thanks to sites like Indie Reader and Goodreads, the world of books becomes slightly less daunting. Whether you're into a general genre like historical fiction, or you've got more singular tastes, like wild folklore based fantasy set in modern times... there's a self-published book out there for you! So kick back, grab your e-reader, or your laptop, and get ready to click through on a buying frenzy. Richly detailed and phenomenally written, the following novels are here to usher you through the last of winter hibernation, one chapter at a time.


'Old Blood' by K Jo

An ancient folklore based plot in a modern day setting, where a banshee and a mortal are in love? Sounds amazing. Old Blood takes readers on an unforgettable adventure that'll keep them scrolling.

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'Jabberwocky' by Theodore Singer

Fans of Lewis Carroll will be delighted by Jabberwocky, the tale of a young man who takes up his family's quest to slay the Jabberwock.

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'Lost Ground' by Ulla Jordan

Set in Finland after World War II, Lost Ground is told by three different characters whose lives become intertwined in the aftermath of war.

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'The Last Hanging In Scots Bend' by Jack Hammond Jr.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, two families are intertwined in rivalry and vengeance. Told through recollections and memories, The Last Hanging In Scots Bend takes a look at what it means to be human in the time after the war that nearly tore our nation apart.

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'Anna's Bear' by O.W. Shumaker

Anna's Bear is a story of moral conflict, family, defiance, and love, in Nazy Germany. When Max's 2-year-old sister, Anna, contracts meningitis and her life is put at stake. Bringing three unlikely characters together, this tale is one you won't forget.

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'Bowl Of Fruit (1907)' by Panayotis Cacoyannis

The majority of Bowl of Fruit (1907) takes place in one day, with a few flashbacks, and tells the story of Leon, a man with an incredible life story, and Anna, the ghost-writer who's dying to tell it.

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'Blue Sky' by D. Bryant Simmons

After suffering through a childhood with a broken family, the Morrow girls struggle to find their places in the world. Blue Sky is the second book in the Morrow girls series.

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'Finding Flipper Frank' by Patrick M. Garry

Walt Honerman is nearly 40, and lonely. He takes an adventurous road trip with an elderly gentleman with a big personality, Izzy, and a young woman hoping to bring him out of his shell, Moira. Finding Flipper Frank is a heartwarming tale that takes readers on an adventure worthy of anyone who ever found themselves in need of a friend.

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'The Boy And The Bastard' by Russell Newell

When Gus Delaney's son Jack goes missing on Christmas Day, everything changes. Suspenseful, chilling, and dramatic, The Boy And The Bastard is a gripping read from beginning to end!

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'Jewels of Allah' by Nina Ansary

Shattering the stereotypes of women in Iran, Jewels of Allah offers an informed view on the women's movement within Iran, and challenges the perceptions so often found today.

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'Saving Mona Lisa' by Gerri Chanel

Saving Mona Lisa, the tale of the Mona Lisa's transportation and safekeeping during World War II, is awe-inspiring, and this book tells the story in incredible detail.

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'Managing Bubbie' by Russel Lazega

Blending the past of his bubbie's time in Nazi-occupied Europe in the '40s with the colorful Miami Beach grandmother she became, Russel Lazega tells his grandmother's story in Managing Bubbie.

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'Rhythm For Sale' by Grant Harper Reid

A dynamic portrait of a multi-talented American in the thick of the Harlem Renaissance, Leonard Harper battled the daunting odds of making it in America, and reveals a slightly different take on the era in Rhythm For Sale.

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