13 Sentimental Things To Write In A Grandparents Day Card *Cue The Waterworks*

There's nothing a grandparent loves more than spoiling a grandchild. Even if you grew up with the strictest parents, chances are their rules went out the window when grandma and grandpa were around. Whether your grandparents slipped you loads of contraband candy or let you stay up way past your bedtime whenever you visited, it's time to say thanks. Grandparents Day is this Sunday, and there are plenty of sentimental things to write in a Grandparents Day card to show just how grateful you are to be their grandkid.

You could, of course, always pick out a card with a mass produced message pre-written for you— and just hope that none of your siblings or cousins picked the same design — but it's easier than you think to write something personal and straight from the heart. You don't have to compose an epic poem or write a lengthy philosophical essay to say something that will mean the world to your grandmother or grandfather. Just letting them know how much you love, appreciate, and admire them will totally bring tears to their eyes.

Here are 13 sweet messages to send to the wonderful grandparent in your life this Sunday. Use them all on their own, as jumping-off points to fill your card with stories and memories, or even combine a few of these suggestions together to really let them know how you feel.


"I love you."

Sometimes the simplest sentiments mean the most. On Grandparents Day and every day, let them know how much you love them. No one ever gets tired of hearing those three little words.


"Thank you."

Parents usually handle most of the dirty work when it comes to raising kids, while grandparents swoop in for the fun stuff. Whether your grandma always whips up your favorite meal or your granddad never fails to pull out his checkbook on your birthday, make sure to let them know how grateful you are for their love and support.


"I miss you."

If you can't spend as much time together as you'd like, remind your grandparents that they're not "out of sight, out of mind." Tell them how much you miss them when you're apart.


"Let's get together."

It's so easy to get wrapped up in your own life and feel like you have no time or energy to make plans. But the sad truth is that grandparents don't stick around forever, and you need to spend time with them while you can. The best gift you can give them (and yourself, too) is quality time together, and what better day to nail down plans than Grandparents Day?


"Remember when...?"

No matter how grown up you are now, you'll probably always be a child in grandma's eyes. Share some of the ways she made your childhood special and how much those memories mean to you.


"You inspire me."

Living to a ripe old age and raising a loving family is an accomplishment in and of itself, and there were probably some obstacles along the way. Tell your grandparents how inspired you are by the challenges they've dealt with in life and how they've helped you overcome your own.


"Thank you for your sacrifices."

So many of us wouldn't be where we are today without our grandparents. Whether your grandpa worked multiple jobs to support the family or your grandmother spends her retirement helping to bring up the next generation, let them know how their sacrifices have helped you achieve your dreams.


"You're my role model."

If you've got kids of your own now, you might realize that some of your parenting style is linked to your grandparents. If your grandma's patience inspires you to stay calm when your toddler is melting down or your grandpa's sense of humor has helped you make fun memories, they'll be incredibly flattered to hear the ways that you try to emulate them.


"I'm here for you."

Getting older isn't easy. It might be getting tougher for your granddad to tackle chores around the house or for your grandma to make it to the grocery store. Make sure they know they can count on you when they need a helping hand.


"I'm proud of you."

You've probably heard your grandparents say they're proud of you a couple million times in your life, but have you ever said it back to them? Let them know how you always brag about having the best grandparents ever.


"You're the best."

You could buy a silly "World's Greatest Grandma" t-shirt or a "#1 Grandpa" mug to let them know how you feel, or you could save your cash and say it with real feeling in a card. Let them know that you wouldn't trade them for the world and that you know just how lucky you are to have them in your life.


"I want to be like you."

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so imagine how thrilled your grandparents will be to hear how much you admire their lives. Tell them how you're following in their footsteps and how they're your #lifegoals.


"You've taught me so much."

Grandparents have so much knowledge to impart to younger generations, whether it's something as complicated as raising a large family on a small budget or as simple as how to bake the perfect cake. Let them know that you've been listening and learning from their example and their legacy will live on through you.