These 13 Sexiest Movies On Netflix Are Hot Hot Hot

One of the best things to come from streaming services is that you no longer have to look at other Blockbuster shoppers when you're in the mood to watch a steamy film. Now, the biggest struggle is selecting which sexy movie on Netflix you're going to watch as you scroll through the seemingly endless list of options. They do have a lot of romantic films in their repertoire, but some are hotter than others.

Streaming platforms and premium channels in general allow for more graphic depictions of sexual content than you could find on regular television, as they aren't subject to the same rating laws since you opt into the service. The no rules, Wild West-like environment has led to the development of shows like Game of Thrones on HBO and Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, where you'll find deeper explorations of sexuality and a greater depiction of the human experience.

If you're in the mood for a spicy flick, Netflix has a plethora of films just waiting for you. From classics to original productions for the platform, you really can find whatever you're looking for. Read on for 13 movies you'll want to watch during grown-up time.



Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett star as unlikely lovers in this six-time Oscar nominated adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel The Price of Salt. Set in '50s New York, the two meet by chance and start a torrid love affair despite social conventions, the age gap between them, and the confines of marriage working against them. The film is full of anticipation, and the payoff is well worth the wait.


Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is somewhat infamous for its sexiness, as the film contains a scene of Michelle Williams' character receiving oral sex that earned the film an NC-17 rating, according to HuffPost. Williams and Ryan Gosling portray a couple who's marriage is falling apart, and the story of their love is told through flashbacks. It's a sad and dramatic ode to love that just isn't meant to be, but their electric connection makes it worth the feels.


Below Her Mouth

Jasmine's life is totally in order. She has a high-powered job and a fiancé who loves her, but it all changes when she meets roofer Dallas during a chance night out. The two fall into an affair, and their connection is palpable. You'll be on the edge of your seat as the romance unfolds.


The Graduate

The Graduate is a classic for many reasons, but one of the big ones is the sexual chemistry that sizzles throughout the film. The movie follows Benjamin Braddock (young Dustin Hoffman) as he begins a love affair with his older neighbor Mrs. Robinson in the months after he graduates college. Drama unfolds when he develops feelings for her daughter and people find out about the affair, culminating in the infamous "ELAINE" scene. It will definitely hit the spot.


Sleeping With Other People

Think of this movie as a more modern and raunchier version of When Harry Met Sally. Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis play friends who try to resist their attraction to one another, but of course the fight is futile. It features a surplus of raucous sex scenes, and the story is surprisingly moving.


Someone Great

Gina Rodriguez stars as Jenny, a woman trying to enjoy her last night in New York after accepting a new job and breaking up with her boyfriend in this Netflix original. Rodriguez's character has a few steamy sex scenes in flashbacks with her ex, but the real heat comes from Brittany Snow's adventures with a man from her past and LaKeith Stanfield's blossoming romance with a new woman. All three steal the screen, and it's a great story of female friendship as a plus.


Blue Is The Warmest Color

15-year-old Adèle feels the pangs of adolescent loneliness as she comes to terms with hers sexuality among classmates who reject her. But when she meets likeminded Emma, she finally feels seen, ready to risk it all for the girl who shows Adèle what first love really feels like. It's rated NC-17, so make sure the kids are asleep before you turn it on.


Magic Mike

What list of sexy movies would be complete without Magic Mike? Channing Tatum plays Mike, a stripper with dreams of owning his own furniture company who is struggling to get out of the business. The raunchy movie is surprisingly deep, so you can get some emotional fulfillment as you enjoy the dancing too.


She's Gotta Have It

Spike Lee's classic follows Nola Darling, who is carrying on love affairs with three different men who all want her to commit. It's erotic and inspiring, as Darling resists the notion of belonging to someone else. Watch it as a precursor to the series remake, which is also available for streaming on Netflix.


Outlaw King

Period drama? Check. Naked Chris Pine? Double check. Romance plays the secondary role in this story of Robert the Bruce, who raises a Scottish rebellion, but you won't mind since it pays off with full frontal nudity from Pine.


White Girl

Leah and Blue fall in love quickly when she's in New York for the summer, but things spiral out of control on a night out. Leah is on a mission to get Blue back after he's arrested for cocaine possession, going to desperate measures to try to be with him again. It's a sexy and shocking portrayal of reckless love.


Y Tu Mamá También

Tenoch and Julio decide to go on a road trip when their girlfriends are making them feel suffocated, but things change when older and more experienced Luisa Cortés decides to join them. She ends up seducing them both, and naturally drama ensues when the boys find out about one another's activities. It's a surprising exploration of sexuality and intimacy that will move you and make you question the bonds of friendship.


The Duchess

One of Kiera Knightley's best period performances, The Duchess tells the story of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, an aristocrat who risks her title and life for love. Waiting for the steamy scenes between Georgiana and her love interest Charles Grey is almost tortuous, but the payoff is exquisite. And it has a bittersweet ending that speaks to the times.