13 Sexy AF Netflix Shows That'll Instantly Get You…

I'd be willing to bet that most people have started watching a show only to abandon it for a more, well, physical activity. I mean, that's how the term "Netflix and chill" came to be, right? For those who want to take the term to a more literal level, there are a variety of sexy shows on Netflix that'll easily get you and your S.O. in the mood, while also giving you something new to watch at night.

Not only does a sexy show get you in the mood, but it can even provide some inspiration for the bedroom. Because, let's be honest — sex can get stale after a while. The right show may provide you with a new move to try, a new situation to role play, or even a a new way to connect with your partner. Whatever it is, these shows will not only turn you on, but they will also make your sex life more adventurous.

But using a show as foreplay only works if you select a show that can get both you and your partner aroused. A show that’s so hot you can’t wait till the end of the episode to start touching each other. If you're not sure where to start, here are some suggestions of the steamiest shows on Netflix to get you started.



The sexiest part of Scandal is, well, the scandals. Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, who has the unfortunate job of cleaning up the many messes of Washington D.C. And she does it all while covering up her own mess of an ongoing affair with President Fitz.



Emmy Rossum stars in this UK adaptation about a young woman who is stuck with the task of raising her dysfunctional family. This may not seem sexy, and well, it isn't. But the sex scenes in Shameless are so hot that you'll be able to look past the flawed family.


'The Tudors'

Is it me or is there something sexy about the 16th century? This series follows Henry VIII and the royal court as they fight with and betray one another, which ultimately leads to some passionate makeup sex.


'The Vampire Diaries'

If being seduced by an immortal being was never your fantasy, this show about a vampire love triangle will change your mind. Not to mention there are a lot of scenes with shirtless men.


'Orange Is The New Black'

Not only does Orange Is The New Black highlight the power of women (hot, right?), but it also features some pretty dirty sex scenes. Like, literally, dirty. What do you expect with a show that takes place in a prison?


'House Of Cards'

What lands House Of Cards on this list is the passion between the Underwoods. This conniving couple is determined to stick together while achieving political domination through betrayal, lies, and steamy sex.


'Queer As Folk'

Airing in 2000, Queer As Folk brought the first guy-on-guy sex scene to television, and it doesn't disappoint. Complex named the sex scene between the two main characters as one of the greatest sex scenes of all time.


'Grey's Anatomy'

Following a group of young doctors regularly facing life and death situations, this show reiterates the idea that life is short, so you might as well has all the sex you can.


'The L Word'

Pride counted 97 sex scenes through out The L Word's run. If that isn't enough to get you to watch the show, then I don't know what is.


'Gossip Girl'

Even though this show stars to a younger crowd, that doesn't mean the characters don't have some of the most adventurous sex scenes on television.


'The Office'

There are no sex scenes in The Office, but you can't deny that Jim and Pam's love story is one of the best love stories in television history. Check out Seasons 1 through 4; it will make you fall in love with love again.



Hank Moody, played by David Duchovny, moves to California to make things right with his daughter. A recovering sex addict, Hank struggles to find the balance of what is important in his life.



In this series, a nerdy guy lands the beautiful Gillian Jacobs. The chemistry between the two is so hot that it'll make you give that quirky barista a shot.