13 Shows Every '90s Kid Should Force Their Kids To Watch

Growing up in the '90s gave me moments that I'll forever be proud of. Whether that was learning how to master the dance moves to the seductively translated "Macarena" or perfecting my tootsie roll, the '90s kept me busy and happy. Although music will always be one of the most memorable things from the unforgettable era, the meaningful, humorous, and attention grabbing shows that premiered during that decade were just as important. So much so that those same shows are shows every '90s kid should force their kids to watch today.

I remember piling up in the living room with my older sister and younger brother to catch all of the nightly line-ups of our favorite shows. Back then, it seemed like there was a good show on television every single night and, because of that, begging my mom to stay up past my bedtime became a nightly routine. Whether it was a comedy, cartoon, or drama, '90s television had a way of digging right into your life and making you feel like everything that was going on was relevant to something you were experiencing. Although I personally think that there aren't many shows that give kids the same lessons or feelings that I was exposed to in the '90s, throwing on repeat episodes of the following visual pieces of nostalgia will fill in the might be missing blanks of the new millennium.



No childhood is complete without the Rugrats experience. Just ask my niece. She's a big fan of "Babies" (as she calls it) at the mere age of two.


'Boy Meets World'

Though Disney resurrected the show as Girl Meets World in 2014, forcing your kids to watch its predecessor would give them the backstory of Cory and Topanga's love story, life lessons we all grew up on, and let them know just how important Mr. Feeny was to all of our lives.


'Family Matters'

A comedy-based family show, Family Matters will always have a place in my heart because it depicted a black family living together, dealing with real-life events.



Though the younger generation may be used to seeing Brandy slay on the stage with her strong vocals, giving them the reminder that she was once the star of the nostalgic show, Moesha. If you really want to take them back to Brandy's acting days, put on a few episodes of ABC's short-lived sitcom, Thea.


'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

Before Jaden and Willow became the two focus points of the Smith family, it was the hilarious then 20-something Will Smith who starred in the sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Reminding me that it was possible to be black, successful, and have a great family, Fresh Prince was a show that tied comedy and reality into one for teens and young adults.


'Saved By The Bell'

Aside from it starring the devastatingly gorgeous Zack Morris, Saved By The Bell will always get my time when I see its repeats are scheduled to be on. Touching on social issues and real life occurrences, this was the go-to show for many teens and tweens back in the '90s.


'Hey Arnold!'

Sure it was just a cartoon that I rushed home to watch on Nickelodeon, but when I go back and watch old episodes of Hey Arnold! now that I'm older, I realize just how mature those group of fourth graders were.


'All That'

Mimicking the set up of Saturday Night Live, Nickelodeon's sketch comedy All That was created specifically for kids.


'Full House'

If your kids didn't understand the importance of Neflix's decision to develop Fuller House, forcing them to watch its predecessor will answer any questions they may have.


'Party of Five'

Touching on the bond that siblings have, Party of Five introduced '90s kids to what it was like trying to make it on your own. But you may have to wait till your kids are older to let them enjoy this family drama.


'Sister, Sister'

When I was younger, I would love to watch Sister, Sister. Not only were Tia and Tamera Mowry beautiful and funny, it touched on many subjects that teens experienced at that age.



During my days of wanting to be a sleuth, Ghostwriter was the perfect fix.



Teaching us many lessons of life and love, Blossom gave many of us reality checks that were definitely needed.