13 Signs You Need A Mom's Night Out ASAP

by Autumn Jones

Ever stumble across a picture of yourself from your pre-kid days and smile at all the carefree fun you used to have? Your hair and makeup's done, you're donning a dress, and your skin is glowing from all that sleep you are enjoying. If the memories of nights like this seem too distant, it is a sure sign you need a mom's night out.

Even though you love being a mom, all those hours you log wiping messy faces and picking tiny socks up off the floor can make you feel a little like you're living in the movie Groundhog's Day. The monotony of routine and wardrobe can bum a sister out. Enter the Mom's Night Out.

Mom's Night Out is the modern remedy for saving a mother's sanity. It is spending time with friends, whether you need a laugh or a cry, and recharging those overly zapped batteries. Because no matter how much you love being a mom, it's nice to remember that you are a woman too. A person with thoughts and ideas about things other than how to make the bed time routine more efficient.

If it's been awhile since you have eaten at a table without a highchair, you need to consider these 13 signs you need a Mom's Night Out. And if you check more than one off the list, it's time to make a plan with your best girls.


Your Heels Are Dusty

When you see your high heels are literally collecting dust, take it as a sign from the universe to meet a friend for drinks. Yes, it is going to be like learning to walk again, but it will be worth it. Even your smooshed toes will thank you after a much-needed fun night out.


You've Been Looking For A Reason To Wash Your Hair

There are time where I really have to think about the last time I shampooed. After all, kids don't care that you're sporting a greasy pony for the third day in a row. What better reason to wash, rinse, repeat, than a night out with your friends?


You Haven't Worn Pants With Buttons In A While

God bless the stretchy waist band, for it brings much happiness in the form of athletic wear. But every so often, it feels just as good to slip into some jeans.


Your TV Is Constantly On Nickelodeon

Sadly, this happens to the best of us. Sometimes we are busy with other tasks and don't realize the source of the background noise. But you can only take so much of Dora and her antics before you start throwing things at the TV.


You're Waster After 3 Sips Of Wine

It is a sad realization when you can't make it through one glass of wine without slurring your words or falling asleep. You used to be able to rock it down at the bars until all hours, dancing and drinking with the best of them. Mom life may have drained some of your party mojo, but it's no reason to stop you from a night out. Actually, it's all the more motivation to get back in the game.


You Can't Recall The Last Time You Ate Somewhere That Didn't Have A Kid's Menu

Wouldn't it be nice to sit down with a menu that doesn't come with a three pack of crayons? Promise yourself that your mom's night out will have a "no child" policy, meaning wherever you go, children are not welcome.


You Feel Slightly Confused When You're Alone

Have you ever been away from the kids and wondered, What should I do? It's a very disorienting sensation to not be looking out for children when it's what you're so accustomed to. Take a night off from doing head counts and buddy checks to make sure all little people are accounted for and have some fun that's all about you.


Your Mascara Is Expired

You haven't washed your hair in days, but it's been even longer since you swiped those lashed with mascara. As a matter of fact, you bought that makeup right before you had the baby and haven't seen it since.


You Have To Google "MNO"

When your friends send you a text that says, MNO?, you have to Google the term to learn it stands for "Moms Night Out." If this happens to you, run immediately to your closet, change into pants with buttons, dust of your high heels, and get out of the house ASAP! This is a sure sign it has been insanely too long since you have a night out.


You Consider A Trip To The Park A Wild Outing

Your default hangout is now the park. Not the swanky bar or the live music venue, but the park. I think you know what this means.


Your Solo Trips To The Store Feel Like A Vacation

Wandering aisles alone is like seeing the world with new eyes. The colors on cereal boxes are brighter, bags of coffee smell more intoxicating that ever before. It's a pitiful truth of mom world. And a definite omen to get an MNO on the books.


You're The Last To Know, Well, Everything

When all your answers to, Did you hear about _____ , are No, do tell, it's not just time it's past time. Like, way, way past time. For the love of being a productive citizen, get out of your bubble and rejoin the world. We need your good brain power in the mix.


You're Wearing The Same Outfit In Every Instagram

And not because they were taken on the same day. You've fallen into the uniform trap, and your other clothes jealous. Give them some attention with a night out on the town.

Images: Luci Correia/Flickr; Giphy (13)