13 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Unhappy

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Whether you see it through celebrity couples or your own parents, being happy in your relationship is one of the best feelings that anyone could ever obtain. Though relationships can add a certain high to your life, they can also take it from you, too. The latter can especially be done if one — or both — people in the relationship isn't satisfied. That's why recognizing the signs your partner is unhappy will help you find a way to keep your high and, if needed, regain it.

Honestly, there's nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who isn't happy. No matter how much love you provide, love is ultimately a two-way street. If they're not happy in a relationship with you, getting that same love back will be super difficult.

More often than not, many people tend to ignore the signs of unhappiness because they don't want to admit things aren't all that great. But once you accept and address the issues, finding out what you can do to make your partner happy again can be done.

If you're questioning your own happiness or that of the person you're with, these 13 signs may make it a little more clear for you.


They've Become Distant

Usually, when you're in a relationship, you spend a lot of time with your significant other. So, if they've started to pull away, this could be a sign of them being unhappy.


You Don't Talk Much Anymore

According to Oprah, excessive amount of silence indicates an issue. Perhaps they are trying hard ot hide something, or are scared of saying something that will hurt you.


You Spend Less Time Together

Used to spending five days with your lover and now it's down to one? This could be a major problem. Take note of the decrease in quality time and ask your lover what the issue is.


They've Started Speaking About The Future Without You

Lifehack noted that if your partner is thinking about a life without you, then they just might be unhappy. Both you and your partner should include each other in your dreams so if this is not happening anymore, your relationship problems are bigger than you think.


They've Stopped Calling When You're Apart

Whether you're at work or traveling, if your lover isn't at least checking in on you to see how things are going they could very much be unhappy. Try figuring out what's going on and how you add the spark back into your relationship.


They Get Irritated When You Ask Them To Go Somewhere Or Do Something

According to The Huffington Post, if your partner becomes irritated when you ask them to go somewhere or do something with you, your relationship could be on the rocks. They may feel as if you're pressuring them to do things they don't like and act resentful towards you.


They've Started To Pick Fights With You

Are fights coming out of nowhere and end up being blown out of proportion? You may need to re-evaluate the state of your relationship. Though it is healthy to fight with your significant other, if the fights are pointless and consistently happening, this is an issue.


Important Conversations Get Swept Under The Rug

The Huffington Post also noted that when your important conversations begin to become ignored, you should notice that there are issues in with your partner. Although some people may need time to assess the problem before talking about it, if your significant other avoids the issue every time it's brought back up, they could very well be unhappy.


They're Staying Out Later

If you're used to your lover coming home right after work, but now they've started to stay out later, they could be avoiding you. This could also mean that they are searching for a new happiness that doesn't include you.


They're Not Talking About The Things That Make Them Happy

According to Self Growth, if your partner is no longer talking about things that make them happy, you may need to reassess the level of happiness in your relationship. A happy spouse will talk about all of the great things happening, not only negativity.


They Aren't Into Sex Anymore

Was the norm for you and your partner to have sex more than twice a week? If it's decreased significantly because of your partner's lack of intimacy, you should have a discussion about their happiness.


They Are Preoccupied With Other People's Needs

Redbook noted that your partner may be unhappy if they are becoming preoccupied with other people's needs over yours. By doing this, they can be avoiding the issues that they should be facing in their own relationship.


You've Stopped Fighting With Each Other

Relationship fights are quite normal. So, if you and your significant other have stopped fighting all together, you may need to question if you should still be in the relationship. If there aren't any arguments, there may be a lack of care.