13 Simple Father Daughter Bonding Activities For All Ages

The bond between fathers and daughters is irreplaceable. There's nothing sweeter than watching a dad pour his heart into making sure his little girl knows how much he cares for her. As a mother to two little girls (and obviously, a daughter myself), I know the importance of that bond. Sometimes though, it can be hard to know what to do when you do get that coveted one on one time together. Father daughter bonding activities that aren't boring or part of her normal routine might require a little effort, but the extra time spent planning a fun outing with your little girl will be well worth it and, trust me, one she'll never forget.

Father daughter "dates" don't have to be elaborate or expensive either. Some of my sweetest childhood memories are of times spent doing simple things with my dad — working in the garage, going to see my first movie together, drinking "coffee," and cooking ridiculous meals.

Your plan doesn't have to wow her or be perfectly planned to be successful. Sometimes the simplest activities, like cooking her favorite meal or getting to see what you do at work, will be some of the most memorable and special moments of her young life.


Get Outside

For dads and daughters who love to be outside, pack an easy picnic and head to a local park or nature trail to enjoy the great outdoors together.


Visit A Local Museum

Take advantage of your child's natural love for learning and head to a local museum or zoo. Many places offer free admission for younger children or hold promotional days where kids can enter for free.


Attend A (Kid Friendly) Concert

Whether its a concert in the park or a symphony, there's nothing more fun than listening to some good music with your little girl.


Host Book Club

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If she's old enough to read on her own, choose the same book, read it separately and then talk about what you loved about it. If not, just sit down for some good snuggle time while you read to her.


Become "Expert" Chefs

Even if it's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, let her choose the cuisine for the night and cook it together. She'll feel grown up and you'll get a chance to relive a bit of your childhood.


Climb A Rock Wall


Most gyms or rock climbing walls have programs for kids as young as 3 or 4 years old.


Go Mini Golfing


Mini golf is a classic father-daughter date activity. It's fun, affordable, and sure to become a lasting memory (or rivalry, because a little healthy competition never hurt.)


Hit The Beach

No matter the season, if you live close to a beach, take advantage of it. In the summer, swim or rent a paddle boat and in the colder months walk in the sand or get a few wet suits.


Get Crafty

Go to a pottery shop where you can paint your own pottery, take a painting or woodworking class, or even just set up some finger paints on your dining room table. Creating something tangible together is the perfect way to always remember your special date.


Catch Some Fish


If you're the type of dad who enjoys fishing and being outdoorsy, bring your daughter along next time. She will love being included in something you love too and will always remember the moment she reels in her first fish.


See A Play

Local playhouses make great daddy daughter dates. They'll relatively inexpensive and offer the perfect excuse to get dressed up together.


Strike A Pose

Have a mini photo shoot in your home or at a local park. You'll end up with some amazing candid shots to display in your home and she'll love being in the spotlight.


Have A Day At The Office

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Even if it's not technically "bring your daughter to work day," she'll still love to get the inside scoop on what it is you really do during the day. Let her help you with small tasks and teach her about your job.