13 Sleep Items To Add To Your Registry To Ensure Plenty Of Zs

It's no secret that the arrival of a new baby can do some serious damage to your current sleep pattern. Forget sleeping in on a Saturday; those little bundles of joy have no regard for your much-needed night's sleep, and they often seem to go out of their way to make sure you don't get more than two or three hours of uninterrupted rest at one time. If you are losing sleep, there are sleep items you need to add to your baby registry to ensure plenty of Zs for baby and her parents.

Creating a comfortable environment is the key to a good night's sleep, and that means keeping baby warm, eliminating noises that can cause distractions, and blocking as much light as possible. You basically want to do everything you can to recreate the cozy womb that your baby called home for nine months.

Although the things on this list won't be able to guarantee that you get a full eight hours, they can help make the precious time you do get to sleep a little more comfortable for everyone involved. Remember, this time won't last forever, although you may wish it would as soon as your kid hits the teen years.


Bedside Sleeper

According to Parenting magazine, keeping baby close can help ease their anxiety, . As an added bonus, co-sleeping makes it much easier for parents to cope with those late night feedings when they don't have that far to go.

Try: Arm's Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper ($140).



Additionally, Parenting noted that swaddling blankets give babies the same nice, warm environment they had when they were in the womb, helping them have sweet dreams.

Try: Swaddle Me Swaddle ($15)


White Noise Machine

According to Baby Center, white noise makers can help drown out other noises in the environment that might keep your baby awake.

Try: Marpac Hushh For Baby Portable White Noise Sound Machine ($35)


Soothing Bath Products

The Mayo Clinic suggests starting a bath time ritual that baby will associate with sleepy time.

Try: BabySpa Signature Collection ($51)


Bedtime Stories

The Mayo Clinic also suggested reading a story as a great addition to the bedtime routine, and a nice, quiet way for parents to bond with baby.

Try: Fisher Price's My First Books set ($13).


Calming Lotion

On his website, baby expert, Dr. Sears suggests massage to help soothe baby's muscles and make them comfortable enough to get a good snooze.

Try: Babo Botanicals Lavender Meadowsweet Calming Baby Moisturizing Lotion ($12)


Light Blocking Curtains

Dr. Sears also recommended parents make the room as dark as possible while baby is sleeping. Light blocking curtains will give you a few extra hours of darkness, and make sure baby isn't up at the crack of dawn.

Try: Eclipse's Blackout Thermal Curtain Panels ($12)


Nursery Rhyme CDs

You probably don't want to play any hard rock, but soft, soothing lullaby music can calm baby's busy mind and help them drift off to sleep.

Try: Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics ($32)


Night Light

Keeping the nursery as dark as possible is best for baby, according to The Bump. Use soft, dim lighting for late-night feedings, and avoid startling your sleeping baby.

Try: Kuantum's Motion Sensor Night Light ($13)


A Rocking Chair

Parents recommends a comfortable rocking chair, as the rocking motion help baby drift off to sleep. Not to mention it's a nice place for parents to take a much needed snooze between feedings.

Try: Windsor Glider and Ottoman ($145)



If your baby is suffering from a cold, the congestion will probably keep them awake. WebMD recommends a cool-mist humidifier to keep the air moist and ease their discomfort.

Try: Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier ($40)


Feeding & Sleep Tracker

A tracker helps new moms and dads keep track of feedings, diaper changes, and medication, eliminating some of the late-night guess work.

Try: Itzbeen's Pocket Nanny ($68)


A Stuffed Animal

Or better yet, find one that doubles as a noise machine. It will lull baby to sleep with soft sounds and vibrations.

Try: Snugapuppy Calming Vibrations Soother ($14)