13 #SNLDumpTrump Tweets That Strike A Chord

While hundreds marched down Fifth Avenue and to the NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center to protest Donald Trump hosting SNL, others took to the Internet, using the hashtag #SNLDumpTrump on Twitter to voice their disapproval. And, like almost any other time in the history of Twitter, the Internet did not disappoint. And it's not we couldn't have seen this coming: Donald Trump is polarizing, to say the least. So, it comes at no surprise that many people were upset about Trump hosting Saturday Night Live this yearWhether it's his comments concerning immigration and the Mexican population, to his remarks about women and they way they look (because apparently that matters in the wonderful world of politics), the Republican party nominee has done more than his fair share to ensure that when the time came, people would boycott his SNL appearance. 

From hilarious 140 character rants to serious and poignant concerns, twitter users the world over were quick to voice all the reasons why Donald Trump was the wrong man for the job. Here are some of the most striking tweets, calling for viewers to boycott SNL, boycott NBC, and boycott Trump in general. 

Don't Watch

There were more than a few tweets urging even the most die-hard of SNL fans to sit this episode out.

Take To The Streets

Multiple tweets showed video of protesters taking to the streets, marching in front of the NBC studios. 

"Donald Trump has got to go, hey hey, ho ho." 

Protesters chanted in both English and Spanish, yelling sayings like, "Dump Trump!" and "How do you spell racism? S-N-L". 

Thanks Drake, We Think?

Because, the Internet.

Don't Even Hate Tweet

You know something is serious when people are urging others to avoid hate-tweeting. 

Watch Paint Dry

He means business.

Sit In Silence

Could you imagine Trump coming out to nothing? Absolutely nothing. No booing, heckling, or applause? 

Racism Isn't Funny

It's true. 

The Real Enemy

Like we said: polarizing.

Real Talk

Leave it to John Leguizamo to tell it like it is. 

No More Poking Holes

This had to have hit even a few NBC executives in the feels. 


Enough said. 

Images: Kena Betancur/Getty Images