13 Spanish Baby Names That Are Beautiful No Matter Where You're From


Unless you're the type of person who hand selected names for your future children since at the age of five, choosing a moniker for your baby can be tough. Whether you and your partner can't agree on one, or you just can't find a meaning that feels right, sometimes it feels like you'll never land on the perfect name. To some parents, choosing a name with it's own rich culture is important, whether it's the culture they hail from or not. If you're looking for names with meaning, history, and culture, Spanish baby names would be a great place to start.

If your family has Spanish roots, these names may already be in your family, making them an even more natural option. But even if they're not, it doesn't rule out beautiful Spanish names. These monikers are elegant, flowing effortlessly off the tongue. They're also rather unique, with lots of gender neutral options, and have some great meanings to back them up.

So whether your top priorities are meaning, history, family lineage, or simply the sound of the name, there's bound to be one in this list that strikes a chord. After all, Spanish isn't called the language of love for nothing.

1. Amaris


In Spanish, this name means "child of the moon," which is as mysterious and meaningful as it is beautiful.

2. Mateo


This Spanish variation of Matthew, meaning "gift of God," is the perfect choice for a unique name with meaning.

3. Marisol


This name is a Latina favorite despite it's slightly obscure meaning ("Mary of solitude"). It sounds beautiful and is a much more unique option than Maria, Mary, or ever Marissa.

4. Orlando

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The name Orlando doesn't just have to be for the city or famous actors, though it does mean "famous across the land" in Spanish. This name dates back to Shakespeare and is a great choice for any baby boy.

5. Esmeralda

This name elegant, exotic, and means "emerald" in Spanish, making it a great alternative to other more common color names like Jade or Ruby.

6. Rio

The Spanish word for river makes a beautiful gender-neutral choice that's perfectly short and sweet.

7. Ramona


Ramona means "wise protector," so it's a name that wouldn't be taken lightly.

8. Estella


This gorgeous name means "star" and is an elegant, more unique variation to Stella.

9. Quinn


This name means "chief leader or intelligence," and is a great gender-neutral choice.

10. Rosario


This name means "rosary" in both Italian and Spanish. And since it's masculine in one language and feminine in the other, it's the perfect choice for either a boy or a girl.

11. Pilar


One of the only feminine words that doesn't end in an "a", Pilar means "pillar" and has an air of strength.

12. Mireya


Meaning "admired," Mireya is a gorgeous and unique name which could be a great alternative to names like Mara, Moreya, or Mary.

13. Alonzo


Slightly shorter than its Italian counterpart Alfonzo, Alonzo means "noble" and would be an inspiring name for a baby boy.