13 Stylish Backpacks For Kids To Give Them A Fashionable School Year

As a kid, the best part of the year was back to school shopping. Although it was important to have a fly outfit for the first day of school, there was always something about having a new trapper keeper, notebooks, and gel pens that got me hype as well. But nothing ever compared to having a cute backpack to wear for the entire school year. Since trapper keepers and gel pens have since gone out of style, making sure your child has some stylish backpacks for kids to choose from will help move you up on the list of Mom of the Year.

Even when I was in high school, having a cute backpack was the thing that got you noticed. My sister, who worked at a store in the mall, would always bring me backpacks that featured cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. Although I look back and ask myself why I was 17 walking around with a child's backpack, I remember how cool it felt to have a stylish and cute backpack when I was in school and how cool my sister was for always being my supplier.

With the school year quickly approaching, this list of 13 backpacks will help you send your kid off to school in style.


Skip Hop Zoo Pack Backpacks

Whether you have a little boy or girl starting school this year, the Skip Hop zoo backpacks ($20) are guaranteed to get them excited about heading out every day.


Herschel Supply Settlement Backpack Mid-Volume

Herschel Supply's special Winnie the Pooh screen print backpack ($70) is perfect for the little honey pot lover in your home.


J World Lollipop Kids Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag

If a rolling backpack is the only thing your little one talks about having for this school year, then try getting he or she the J World lollipop rolling backpack and lunch kit($45).


Orota School Emoji Backpacks

Does your pre-teen speak in only emoji? These Orota School emoji backpacks ($17) will help transition from an emoji filled summer to an emoji filled school year.


Personalized 'Bubble Guppies' Backpack

If you're gearing up to send your little boy off to preschool this year, hooking him up with a personalized Bubble Guppies backpack ($27) will help him along.


Dabbawalla Bags

Dabbawalla bags ($42) will make your precious one the talk of the playground this year with their fun and cute styles.


MadPax Bubble Packs

Quite possibly one of the most fun backpacks out, the MadPax bubble packs in full size ($85) or half ($65) and assorted colors will get every child excited about heading off to school.


Urban Infant Packie

Optimal for the the toddler heading off to preschool or daycare, Urban Infant's Packie backpack ($36) is waterproof and has a separate compartment to transport your child's art in.


Skip Hop's Forget Me Not Backpack & Lunch Bag

If you have a child that's always forgetting their lunchbox at home or school, Skip Hop's "Forget Me Not" backpack and lunch bag set ($40) will be the right fit for them with easy view window for remembrance.


Upixel Backpacks

Have a little creative or designer to be on your hands? Let them design their own silicon Upixel backpacks ($66) for the school year.


Green Sprouts Safari Friends Backpack

Whether your child is looking to carry their own lunch, a few books, or even some toys to preschool or daycare, the Green Sprouts' safari friends backpacks ($9 to $15) are a stylish way to do so.


Sprayground's Livest One Gold Shark Embroidery Backpack

Get your stylish and flashy kid ready for any adventure the school year has to throw at them with Sprayground's livest one gold shark embroidery backpack ($70).


'Star Wars' Chewbacca Backpack

Send your Star Wars fan to school this year with all the Force available through this personalized Chewbacca backpack ($30), which includes Chewy's signature roar.