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13 Subtle Signs Your Friends Don't Like Your Spouse

A good friend will tell you when you have spinach between your teeth or that the jeans you're wearing do nothing for your bootylicious butt. But when it comes to relationships, speaking your mind gets a whole lot harder. There just never seems to be a good time to blurt out that you think the person your friend "loves" defines *sshole. Relationships are the one thing that people try to stay neutral on when face-to-face. But even when they think they're fooling you, the subtle signs your friends don't like your spouse still show up on your radar.

Your friends are dropping signs in hope that you will pick them up without them looking like the villains. They don't want to come right out and say they don't like your spouse, so they resort to actions that they consider to be more subtle. Perhaps they don't even realize they are doing it, but with each little eye roll, exclusion, and solo invite, your friend is sending the message that they have your spouse on their no likey list.

If you've had a sneaky suspicion that your friends and your spouse are not a match, be on the lookout for these 13 subtle signs your friends don't like your spouse.


They Nix All Talk About Your Spouse

Getting shut down every time you bring up your spouse? Whether it's a breezy segue or a total change of subject, your friend is letting you know they do not want to discuss your partner.


They Won't Make Eye Contact

If your friend looks down or away when you bring up your spouse, it's probably a subliminal message of dislike. According to Psychology Today, our gaze says more about what we're thinking than our words. Avoiding eye contact can be a defense mechanism or an attempt to hide what you're really feeling.


They Only Want A Solo Hang

When you're only getting invites to hang solo with your friend, the lack of a double invitation is a clear sign that your friend does not want the company of your spouse.


They Suggest The Extreme

Your friend is trying to slip you a hint on the sly when they suggest extreme ideas. For example, when complaining about a small argument with your spouse, your friend gently nudges you in the direction of divorce. But according to Divorce magazine, the opinions of friends is not a reason to end your marriage. So chances are, your friend is trying to let you know she doesn't love you and your SO being together.


They're Not Social Friends

If your friends and your spouse are not friends/mutual followers on social media, then all signs are pointing to friend disapproval. When your bestie can even manage to scroll through your partner's Instagram feed, she definitely doesn't like them.


They Don't Include You On Couples Night

When all your couple friends are getting together consistently without you and your spouse, it's easy to draw conclusions. Whatever their reason, those friends don't want to spend time with you guys as a couple.


They Don't Ask About Your Partner

In most conversation between friends, the customary, "And how is [fill in name of spouse] doing?" is exchanged. But if you are asking after your friend's partner and they breeze past asking about yours, it's another sign they don't want your spouse as part of the discussion.


They Cross Their Arms During Conversations

According to Forbes magazine, crossed arms is a sign of resistance and defensiveness. So when you see your friend chatting cross-armed with your spouse, take note of their body language.


They Avoid Your Partner

At social events, sometimes it's hard to talk with everyone. But when you see your friend purposefully avoiding your spouse at gathering after gathering, there is a reason behind why they do not want to talk.


They Pull You Away

Much like avoiding chatting with your spouse, if your friend pulls you away from your spouse in social settings, they want you all alone because they do not like your spouse, or being around them.


They Point Out Their Flaws

We all have our flaws, this is true, but we don't always love it when others point them out. To make matters worse, a friend who doesn't like your spouse will make sure to point out your spouse's flaws to you. The hope is that you will see them in the same negative way your friend does.


They Point Out You're Unhappy

If your friend is making more of your every complaint than you, it could be a sign they don't like your spouse. By trying to make you feel like you're unhappy in your relationship, your friend hopes to drive you away from your spouse.


They Only Exclude Your Souse

Maybe your thought your friend only invited you places because it was a non-couples kinda night. But when you see photos of your friend hanging with other people's spouses, you know it is directed towards your partner specifically.