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13 Summer-Themed Baby Names For Your Future Beach Babe


Summertime is the epitome of fresh and new. The days are long, plants are in bloom, and, oftentimes, families are expanding. If you're expecting a baby from the months of June to August, considering a summer-themed baby name for your newest addition is a sweet way to celebrate their birth. And even if your baby is due during another time of the year, these names are sweet enough to fit anyone.

There's something about the season you were born in that generates an automatic fondness towards it. I was born in the fall, so, naturally, it's my favorite season. Giving your child a name reminiscent of the season of their birth is the perfect way to solidify their love for summer.

Not to mention most of these name are completely gorgeous. If you're a lover of nature names, you've come to the right place. From times of the month, to certain plants that only flower in the summer, to words from other languages, these baby names are sure to make a splash (see what I did there?) and take the hard work out of choosing a name. Because, let's be honest, we all know that it's one of the hardest parts of having a new baby.

1. August

Meaning "majestic or venerable," August is the perfect summertime name — even if your baby isn't born in that month. It's a great choice for either a boy or girl; it can be short for Augustus or stand on its own.

2. Summer

There isn't a more fitting summer baby name than this one. This seasonal name's popularity has been rising since the '70s and won't stop anytime soon.

3. Bree


Meaning "strength or exalted one", Bree has a certain airy (breezy) sound to it that makes it the perfect light, happy Summertime name.

4. Coral

This nature name is also the name of a vibrant and summer color. It could also be a great nickname for Coraline or Coralee.

5. Daisy


A sweet and feminine flower name, Daisy is a great alternative to more popular flower names like Rose.

6. Dune


Slightly unexpected, but completely cool, Dune conjures images of deserts and heat.

7. June


This name comes from the Latin calendar month named for the goddess Juno. Sweet and vintage, June is a great choice for a baby girl.

8. Kai


Kai is the Hawaiian word for sea and is an increasingly popular choice for boys and girls alike.

9. Lily

This English flower name is so pretty represents the season well.

10. River

A great gender-neutral choice, River is a great choice that doesn't scream summertime.

11. Sky

Another nature name that's perfect for Summer, Sky could be short for Skyler or stand on it's own as a gender neutral option.

12. Sage


Sage is a plant name that is equal parts rustic and modern.

13. Isla


The Scottish word for "island," Isla is ragingly popular right now.