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13 Super Bowl Memes To Get You Ready For Game Day

Whether or not you're deeply invested in the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons, chances are you're going to be tuning in to the Super Bowl this weekend. Whether it's your affinity for commercials, the halftime show, the actual sport, or you're just at a party for the plethora of snacks that tend to show up on Super Bowl Sunday, the truth is that the Super Bowl has something to offer just about everyone. Especially if you're into memes. I mean, what is the Super Bowl without its memes? Super Bowl memes that capture the holiness of the sports holiday are already inundating the internet, and it hasn't even happened yet.

You have to admit, even if you're not interested in football, or even sports at all, the Super Bowl is prime meme material. From the last two halftime shows alone you've been supplied with memes that will last you a lifetime, thanks to the likes of Left Shark and Beyoncé sharing (i.e. taking over) the stage with Chris Martin and Bruno Mars. I can only assume that this year, between the current state of politics and the fact that the Schuyler sisters are performing, Lady Gaga, and well, the celebrity of Tom Brady (and most of America's hunger for him to lose), the memes are only going to get better. Enjoy these Super Bowl memes to get you through to the real deal, and be sure to keep your eye out for any moments during the game that'll make for an amazing future meme.


For Those Fair Weather Falcons Fans

Honestly, how many people care about the Falcons 365 days a year? Most of them just want to see the Patriots lose.


For Those Who Hate The Patriots

Yeah, America is rooting for you, Atlanta.


For Those Who Don't Quite Believe

I mean, the odds are kind of stacked against them. But let's not double chin just yet.


For Those Fans Who Were So Close

Watching the Super Bowl when your team was so close to making it is always such a brutal reality


For Those Who Are Still Stuck On Deflategate

Whoever took the time to put together this cereal box is a truly dedicated human being and artist.


For Those Who Love Dr. Phil

Even the Super Bowl got the "cash me outside" treatment. You have to imagine that the actual Super Bowl will provide plenty of moments for gifs and memes of this "how bow dah" movement, right?


For Those Who Are Here For The Halftime Show

Honestly, same.


For Those Who Believe In The Power Of Gucci Mane

If Gucci Mane has anything to say about it, the Falcons will win the Super Bowl.


For Those Who Don't Even Like Football

They really reeled us non-footballers in with this one this year. No lies.


For Those Who Came To Work, Work

I'm sure the NFL has their own version of the Holy Trinity — but I'm sticking with Peggy, Angelica, and Eliza.


For Those Who Hate Tom Brady

Oh, Tom Brady. Whether you love him or hate him, one thing's for sure, the world has strong feelings about him.


For Those Who Believe In The Resistance

If you're not a Patriots fan, this one's for you.


For Those Who Love The Falcons And Drake

You can't deny, their slogan is pretty catchy. #RiseUp