13 Surprisingly Common Habits That Make You Less Attractive To Your Spouse

Being with someone that you really love is both rare and exciting. Though many people decide to be in relationships together, there are plenty of instances where the love is just not there and the relationship is only surviving because of convenience. If the latter of the two is the case, there are many things that could have gotten you and your spouse to the point. Most of the time, common habits that make you less attractive to your spouse are the cause of that.

Sometimes, the things that originally attracted you to your spouse can be the same thing that you hate later on down the line. For example, if you're dating someone who made decisions for you at the beginning and you thought it was cute, you could find them to be controlling later on in your relationship. Their common habit has now become something that you're not too attracted to anymore because, let's face it, our emotions change as we grow.

Although I truly think that love is one of those things that you have to wake up and choose to do every single day, taking notice of these 13 habits can help you keep yours in the best state possible.


You Avoid Conflict

When you and your significant other get into a spat, do you address the situation or walk away from it? If you're always walking away from conflict instead of trying to talk it out, it can become less attractive to your spouse.


You Interrupt Them When They Speak

If you have a constant habit of interrupting your significant other when they speak, it's something that can make you less attractive to them. Just like they give you the courtesy of saying what you need, you should be doing the same for them.


You Give Off The Wrong Body Language

Business Insider noted that giving off contractive body language could be less appealing to your partner, too. Positions like crossing your arms or hunching your shoulders constantly fall in this category.


You Suppress Your Talents

According to Bustle, suppressing your talents can become a turnoff to your lover. By suppressing the things that you're good at for whatever reason, it makes you look less confident and insecure about yourself.


You're Always Busy

Everyone has things that they need to knock off of their daily to-do list, but when you're always doing something for yourself and nothing with your spouse, it can become annoying. Being busy can be good sometimes, but don't let it become a regular term you use.


You Give Your Opinion Instead Of Just Listening

Sometimes, your significant other just needs you to listen to their day, how they feel, or what they're going through. Of course, you want to help, but knowing when to just listen will help your spouse from becoming frustrated with you.


You Are Too Happy Or Too Proud

Business Insider noted that giving off the impression of being too happy or too proud can make you less attractive. People want genuineness when it comes to who they're dating; not someone who seems unreal.


You're Always Indecisive

According to Cosmopolitan, not knowing what you want is an issue, too. It may seem cute at first, but going through the "I don't know" stage multiple times a day can become a turnoff to most.


You Mask Rudeness With Humor

There's nothing unattractive than a bully and dating someone that masks their rudeness with calling it a joke is just that. Every "just kidding" isn't really a joke.


You're Not Open To Trying New Things

Not being willing to step out of your comfort zone can be an unattractive feature. If your significant other likes to do adventurous things and you don't, finding a happy medium between the two can help you guys to stay in good standing.


You Complain Constantly

No one wants to be around someone who complains all the time, so if this a habit that you possess, you may want to find a way to work on it. Constant complaining makes you seem bitter and unhappy.


You Talk About Yourself Too Much

Does every conversation start and end with you? If this is the case, it could make you less attractive to your partner. A relationship has to include both people talking about things; not just one.


You Put Up A Lot Of Walls

Everybody hurts, but when you've let your past hurt effect where you are currently, that's where the issue arises. Your significant other is with you because they see the best in you. If you make it difficult for them to want to be with you by putting up walls for them to tear down, it could turn them off.