13 TGIF-Inspired Baby Names For Parents Who Are Still In Love With The '90s

For parents or parents-to-be who grew up in the '90s, looking to their childhood as inspiration for naming their future children only makes sense. There's nothing more powerful than the influences you had growing up and, let's face it, the TGIF line-up was one of the most exciting parts of your week. It only makes sense then, to find some TGIF-inspired baby names, just in case you're looking to keep the '90s magic going 20-some years later.

It turns out that the majority of the character's names on these shows are actually really great baby name options. They're classic, and not just for the reason that ABC featured them on Friday nights. Most of them have great meanings, and unless you're looking to name your kid Urkel, chances are you'll find a great one that doesn't scream "I was named after my mom's favorite TV show."

Whether your favorite show was Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Full House, Boy Meets World, or any of the other shows on the lineup, there's no shame in naming your offspring after your favorite fictional heartthrob or TV character. In fact, it's encouraged. And don't worry, your secret is safe with me.



Uncle Jesse was everyone's favorite crush from Full House, so naming your child after him would only be a natural outpouring of your affection. The name means "gift" in Hebrew and happens to make a great gender-neutral choice too.



This name has roots in Celtic mythology, so it's not surprising that it's the name chosen for everyone's favorite teenage witch.



Though Corey, which is Irish for "from the hollow," hasn't really been a popular name choice since the days of Boy Meets World, it's not too late to give it a well-deserved comeback.



The matriarch of the Family Matters crew had a name that never really goes out of style. Harriett means "estate ruler" and is an empowering name for any girl.



Although he's typically known as Urkel, everyone's favorite nerd's first name was Steve. It's an uncommon name nowadays, but it means "garland or crown" and is a solid name for a baby boy.



Rebecca (or Becky) Donaldson was one of the most loved characters on Full House. Her name means "servant of God" and it's a gorgeous choice with several nickname options.




The Full House star went on to appear in a few other TGIF shows, including Two of A Kind. If you like two first names, Mary-Kate would be a great choice. Mary means "bitter" and Kate means "pure," making for a great pair.




Marty, was an average teen whose best friend came back to earth as an angel in the show Teen Angel. The name is often a nickname for Martin, which means "warlike" and would make a great moniker.



Although the name has some negative connotation, that didn't stop the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch from being one of the funniest parts of the show. The name, after the city Salem, is actually very unique.



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Sydney from The Hughleys was played by Ashley Monique Clark, who also had roles in The Fresh Prince and Zoey 101. Sydney is a French saint name and is popular for both boys and girls.




If Clueless was your go-to show in the '90s, there's no shame in bringing the French word for "beloved" back into the spotlight.



Tia and Tamara were another set of popular TGIF twins, and their show Sister, Sister was a classic. Tia means "aunt" in Spanish while Tamara means "palm tree" in Hebrew. But despite their obscure meanings, they're both gorgeous names.



Shawn was Corey Matthew's best friend throughout the whole series of Boy Meets World. His name means "God is gracious" and has actually become a popular name for both boys and girls in recent years.