13 Things Every '90s Kid Bought With Their Allowance

Before that monthly pay check started rolling in, you had to count on birthday money from Grandma and your weekly allowance to buy all the rad stuff your mom refused to purchase. It just wasn't fair that Mom didn't understand how life-or-death important it was to have front row seats at the *NSYNC Concert. But having your own cash meant you could spend it on whatever new fad or cool item you wanted. But buying boy band concert tickets was just one of the things every '90s kid bought with their allowance, because when you think back, there was tons of killer stuff worth spending your money on.

Every week you made sure to do your chores so you could get your hands on that cash. No matter what the amount, you knew how to stretch those dollars to get what you wanted. A night out with friends? An afternoon at the mall? All you needed was enough in your pocket to get you some Sour Straws and Crystal Pepsi, and the rest was a bonus. And what you spent that bonus on was totally up to you.

The 1990s gave you so many wonderful spending options. This list of 13 things every '90s kid spent their allowance on will take you back to a time when you used your money for fun, and not to keep you water running.



You had to save up for these, but it was well worth spending two months worth of allowance on a pair of sweet rollerblades.


Movie Tickets

Before you could stream everything under the sun to a device that fits in you hand, your parents dropped you off at the movie theatre. And let's be honest, you know you were going to see Titanic for the fifth time.



You cleaned out all your old cassette tapes and replaced them with CDs. Life was good when you could press the repeat button on your favorite song.


Boyband Concert Tickets

When you saw the announcement that the Backstreet Boys were coming to your town, you immediately started doing extra chores to earn enough allowance to buy yourself a ticket.


Bellybutton Piercing

After saving up the cash, all you had to do was summon up the courage to go through with the piercing.


Beanie Babies

When the newest Beanie was released, you were ready to add to your collection.


"The Rachel" Haircut

Warner Brothers

Because mom was not paying for that shiz. You had to ante up the cash yourself for this 'do.


'Babysitter's Club' Books

Waiting to see what happened in the next book was so hard. But no need to worry when you wallet was fat with allowance — you could snatch up the latest edition on release day.


Poof Ball Pens

Write a note to your bestie without a poof ball pen? As if!


Food Court Fare

Walking that mall can wear you out. What better way to refuel than grubbing at the Food Court?


Long Distance Phone Calls

Before your cell plan enabled you to call anyone, anywhere, it cost money to phone another city. Allowance was well spent on a call to your bestie who moved out of town. How else would she know all the latest gossip?


Having Film Developed

This was the only way to get your pictures off your camera. Drop the roll of film at the drug store and shop for one hour while it magically turns into a printed photo.


Scented Markers

What's the point in writing your name in bubble letters if it doesn't smell like grape and lime? Clearly, these were a must.